1. Could you please tell us who ‘Senior i El Cor Brutal’ are?

We are musicians and friends from País Valencià and we live in València. We write, record and play live. We interpret American rock music but sung in valenciano.

2. What is the ‘Valenciana’ sound?

It’s a sound with clearly Anglo-Saxon influences but with the distinction of being sung in our language.

3. Could you explain the reference to Lomax on your latest album?

Alan Lomax was an American ethnomusicologist who dedicated his time to travelling the world, recording the folk music of each particular land to then take back to the United States. We do the same, but the other way around. We take Anglo-Saxon folkloric music and we transport it to the Mediterranean and make it our own. In both cases the objective is the same, to make local music global.

4. How do you find Valencia as a city to live, work and play regarding music?

Well, just as bad as the rest of Spain but on top of that it is a bit worse. There is no music industry here, there are very few venues designed for concerts and culture in general is of concern only for a minority. We hope that the new local government will be looking to change things for the better.

5. Could you take us through the new tracks of your latest album, Valenciana Vol 1.?


Perdut en el somni. This is a song that relates magnificently to how time cheats us as it passes by and the importance of memories. Most of all, it’s about love.

Cari. The relationship of a couple is based on being together. Getting the other half to pity you is one way of making sure they don’t leave you. That story is told very well here. Sung by Maria Arnal.

El vell i el jove. Getting older and wanting to stay young appeals to the subconscious despite the wear and tear. It’s The Peter Pan complex that all men over thirty still have.

Feliç quan plou. A song that appears to be simple but is actually tremendously complex and excellently written. Cursed love, femme fatale and distortion. By the Jesus and Mary Chain.

La Reina d’Anglaterra. This is a song that i love by a group that i love (Grupo de Expertos Solynieve), it’s based on a private joke that i love too.

Marta. A man calls his teenage sweetheart, 30 years later, confessing that he still loves her. Desperation, decadence and passion. Pure Tom Waits.

Anell de foc. This is a track partly written by June Carter, the wife of Johnny Cash, about how how much he suffered and how difficult and painful it was to love him. It was his biggest hit and he had to sing it all the time: The perfect revenge.

Potser tingues raó. One of the greatest songs about love ever written by The Low Anthem, which talks about its details and the metaphor of shrapnel in the heart. Really wonderful.

Així he arribat a Memphis. There is a refrain in valenciano that says ‘On va la corda va el poal’, meaning they are inseparable. However, the setting here is Tennessee…

Nascut amb un so. I had a sound in my head and i didn’t know how to get it out. Now i know that love is the way to get it all out. By the New Pornographers.

Soledat il•lustrada. Someone, in the middle of the night, can’t sleep because they are thinking of the person they love, the cracks in the walls look like lines of destiny on the palm of their hand. We are all victims of distance.

El cos es trenca / He sentir algú dir. 2 songs by Devendra Bandhart about love and with anti-war sentiments. “No queremos morir” (We don’t want to die) repeated like a mantra.

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