1. Can you tell us something about your background and musical influences?
I’m always listening to so much music and it has always been like that for as long as I can remember. It’s difficult for me to talk specifically about bands or solo artists. I don’t think I have been influenced by any specific artist but I have been inspired by thousands of songs, or seconds of them, that have changed my life in some way.

2. How do you find Valencia as a place to live and work as a musician?
I am very comfortable in Valencia but it is true that the majority of what’s going on in this country tends to be in the capital or Barcelona on a musical level. However, by having my record label in Madrid it helps maintain that connection to the centre of things. The key is to never stop touring.

3. Can you take us through each track of your latest album, ‘Dance and Hunt’ ?
Jeanette is an emotional state, a broken heart.
This song is a trance, which evokes a force to remove obstacles with a knife.
It’s a reflection on defeat and how it makes us feel…it’s where rage festers and it is what prepares us for the adversities to come.
Dance and Hunt
It’s a dance of provocation to evoke the other side of who we are.
I reckon that this is my favourite song on the whole album, it is a love song. It’s about loving someone that you cannot abide, it’s a nightmare but you still don’t want to wake up…
You have no choice with me
There’s not much to be said about this, it comes from anger, told in different ways.
It’s another song about heartbreak where you say to the other person that one day they will be full of regret because you will never ever return to be by their side.
The Cave
The cave is an emotional state, an interior state of feeling that attracts you and separates you from everything.
Dune is symbolic of a specific person who was by my side in a difficult moment in my life.

4. What are your musical plans for the future?

Well, I have quite a few live shows lined up. I will also be doing some concerts in homage of Violeta Parra. I also have a new album out quite soon, which is in Spanish, so I’m feeling really optimistic!
Click on link for video:https://youtu.be/hzpEnDEh_Fc

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