UNO is the emblematic stand of the Mercado Central. It’s a place to meet and sample food at the Central Market of Valencia. UNO fits right in at the Mercado Central so enjoy a snack, and take the opportunity to re-discover local products. It is the project of the very amiable and experienced owner Rafael Valls.

This is a place to get reaquainted with the culture of local markets, to grab a bite and to try new items. Walk into the main entrance of the ‘Mercado Central’ and UNO is right there, with a design by the prestigious Jaime Hayón that aims to honour the essence of a traditional market experience but in a new way. It is the fresh ingredients that truly rule over the stand of ‘UNO’.

Savour their delightful ‘bocados’, fresh Spanish sandwiches of the highest quality, a new bottle of wine, a spur-of-the-moment coffee, a counter with succulent sweets and desserts brought by artisan suppliers. Here you’ll find the best of traditions, and there is always a new product to be surprised by. And everything in the best possible setting, you will find ‘UNO’ at the entrance of the Central Market!

During the Christmas holidays you can enjoy personalized hampers by UNO with the products you most like, either as a present for others or for one of your celebrations. Enjoy apple juice by Ricarda Brun, biscuits by Paul & Pippa, chocolate by Rafael Andreu and delicious salted orange marmalade and so much more!

UNO, Mercado Central

Main entrance Mercado Central.
Tel: 963 82 92 51

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