Artist Salva Ciges presents his wonderful collection of watercolour paintings in new exhibition, ‘Exposición Acuarelas’, located in the centre of Valencia. The exhibition is open to the public for free, between the 5th and 17th of June. Just along the street between the Plaza de la Virgen and Plaza de la Reina, in the Sala d’expositions Junta Municipal de Ciutat Vella building, the exhibition spans across 3 floors, full of over 170 magnificent paintings, of which 70 are displayed on the walls, and 100 are available to browse through around the exhibition.

Passionate, self-taught artist, Salva creates not only watercolour paintings, but also oil paintings, political cartoons, and has a handful of notebooks dedicated to capturing his pencil and ink sketches from around Calpe, Alicante, Albufera, Valencia and across other parts of Spain. Salva shares that since retirement, he has finally had the opportunity to fully devote himself to his artwork.

Born in Anna and raised in Catarroja, water has always played a big part in Salva’s life and in his art work. Many of his paintings portray bodies of water, highlighting Salva’s skill for creating the perfect rippling reflection in a lake, or the idyllic flow of a stream. His landscape paintings beautifully capture the essence of the tranquil corners of rural Valencia and transmit a feeling of peace; transporting the spectator to the exact spot they were painted. Some pieces focus on the scenic spots of Calpe and Alicante, while others focus on the Albufera Natural Park in the Valencia region. This area is of particular interest to Salva, as the environment of the Albufera Natural Park is under risk, due to damage from industries leaving sediment behind and killing wildlife. Along with the Vela Latina Association, Salva is passionate about protecting and promoting this beautiful part of Valencia, which is prevalent in his paintings.

Although many of Salva’s pieces of artwork focus on bodies of water and the countryside environments surrounding them, some of his other paintings depict more urban and people-focused images; couples drinking on Spanish terraces, colourful towns, as well as close-ups of faces and flowers. One of my personal favourites, entitled, “Reflejos Otoño”, presents burnt-orange bushes and sparse autumn trees surrounding a small house, with its reflections shimmering in the stream in front of it. Another depicts a more urban setting, just as vivid yet peaceful as the scenic paintings, entitled “Tavern on a Slope”, illustrating characters strolling and cycling around animated streets. The paintings, spanning between 15x20cm and 40x50cm are all available for purchase.

Salva dedicates this exhibition to his colleagues of the Agrupación Pont de Fusta, along with his friends, visitors, and critics, whose opinions, Salva explains, “both positive and negative, strengthen me”. The exhibition is open to the public, with free admission from the 5th until the 17th of June, from Monday to Sunday, 11:30am- 1pm and 6pm-8:30pm.

Make sure to check out this beautiful collection of watercolour artwork by Salva Ciges for yourself!

Report by Jenny Grierson

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia

Photos copyright Jenny Grierson and Polly Watton / ’24/7 Valencia’


‘Salva Ciges’  Watercolour Exhibition

Until 17 June

Ajuntament de València

Sala d’expositions Junta Municipal de Ciutat Vella

C/ Micalet, 1 (next to cathedral)


Mobile telephone: 666 23 60 66


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