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    Benimaclet ConFusion Festival (October 16 & 17)

    #Searching for something to do this weekend? Look no further than Benimaclet’s ConFusión Festival! With exhibitions ranging from music, film, dance, art, and all things creative, ConFusión is an opportunity to get involved with the local community and celebrate life. The variety of events held at the festival are guaranteed to surprise and engage audiences. […]

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    Arts Festival in Valencia…’Russafa Escènica’ (September 23rd to October 3rd)

    ##A multidisciplinary performing arts festival that transforms the central Ruzafa neighbourhood in the city of Valencia into a large theatre and an essential meeting point for attending the premieres, activities, round tables and exhibitions presented there. There are also events taking place outside of the barrio of Ruzafa. A pioneering festival that “occupies” private spaces, […]

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    ##From September 17 to September 19, 2021, the ‘Menorca Groove festival’ will be taking place for the fifth time at Es Claustre in Mahon, Minorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. The festival is brought by the organisers of the Formentera Jazz Festival and the people behind the space in ‘Es Claustre’. Described as a ‘Perpetual motion, just […]

  • Music
    43rd ‘FESTIVAL ENSEMS’ SEPT 15-26 (Comunidade Valenciana)

    ##The Valencian Institute of Culture presented the 43rd edition of the Ensems Festival. This will include Symphonic music, Avant-Garde ensembles, Street Performances and more… The Valencian Institute of Culture has presented the programme of the 43rd edition of the Ensems Festival, which was held from 7 to 16 May and will continue from 15 to […]

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    ##Artista fallero Paco Pellicer tells ‘24/7 Valencia’ how fallas are made, what he thinks of ‘corporate’ fallas and what he likes best about the fiesta. Paco Pellicer and Marisa Falcó are fallas artists who run their own small workshop in the barrio del Carmen. The husband-and-wife team have been making fallas – the vibrantly-painted street […]

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    ##This is what the city’s residents say; condensed for you by David Rhead and Jose Marín… The smell of cordite and the sizzle and crack of rockets. The smell of Buñuelos frying in the middle of the night. The smell of the Plaza de la Virgen carpeted with Spring flowers at four o’clock in the […]

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    Tuesday, 31st August 10.30 am – Reading of the ‘people’s verdict’ and proclamation of the Ninot Indultat Infantil (the only children’s figure saved from burning) for 2021. 11.00 am – Choosing of ninots by the committees until 8.00 pm. Wednesday, 1st September 08.00 am – Plantà (set-up) of all the children’s fallas (sculptures). 10.00 am […]

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    24/7 Valencia GUIDE to FALLAS 2021

    ##Are you interested in folklore? Tradition? Big dresses? If you are, stick around. Valencia has all that and more, during the celebration known as Fallas. Read this and consider yourself armed for the festivities. LAS FALLAS This September 2021, you’ll see these large sculptures being set up at practically every street corner from the end […]

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    A Fallas conversation between a Tourist and a Valencian!

    Brian: Wasn’t that ‘Fallas’ in ‘Mission Impossible II’, in that scene when Tom Cruise’s character is in Spain? I love all that fire dancing and those evil-looking hoods. Viçent: What are you talking about? That was just a ridiculous juxtaposition of Fallas and the Holy Week celebrations. I ask you! Falleras and Nazerenes all mixed […]

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    ##Daniel Sanchez has been a fallero for over twenty years in Falla Seneca-Poeta Mas y Ros, one of the hundreds of smaller neighbourhood fallas dotted around the city. What do the Fallas mean for you? -Fallas for me is a traditional festival where you get the chance to get together and enjoy yourself with your […]

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