The moment you step into Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar, you’re transported to a bygone era of jazz clubs and underground music scenes. The deceivingly small room in fact extends far down to an area invisible to the eye upon entering the bar, its narrow structure creating an intimate space for the audience to really connect with and be close to the live performances on stage. The intentional layout of the room also allows for a more lively ambiance where the general chitter chatter and hustle and bustle of the jazz enthusiasts filling the room creates an inviting and energising feeling. The warm lighting, cosy seating arrangements, and vintage decor create an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and appreciation for the art form. Bright neon signs, retro posters and stacks upon stacks of jazz CDs further add an authentic character to the place.

On stage, the Juan Caballero 5tet boasts youthful talent featuring Juan Caballero on the guitar, J.L. Rodrigo on the trumpet, Roque García on the tenor saxophone, Borja Flores on the double bass, and Pepi Taveira on the drums. The quintet immediately ignited the stage by exploding into a sequence of playful and upbeat jazz melodies. Rodrigo displays impressive breathwork and a varied range on the trumpet in an American jazz / New Orléans style. Taveira easily stands out from the crowd with an outstanding skill and calibre on the drums, often taking up riveting solo performances throughout the night, which the audience simply couldn’t get enough of. Unsurprisingly, the technical ability of the band was second to none, playing in harmony and portraying amusing on stage chemistry. Towards the end of the night the quintet segued into a blues piece called ‘Things ain’t what they used to be’, offering a fusion between jazz and blues and ending the night on a more calming note. The audience demanded an encore having experienced such an enjoyable musical performance, and Juan Caballero 5tet did not hesitate to give the audience what they wanted. Additionally, the waiting staff provided an exemplary and attentive service, with a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available, as well as a varied pizza selection.

Overall, the jazz performed by Juan Caballero 5tet  truly invigorated the soul, cleansing each individual of any angst or worries. ‘Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar’ has somehow managed to create a musical haven where time stands still, and all that exists is you and the beautiful complexities of jazz music. Check out the ‘Jimmy Glass’ website below for upcoming live concerts!

Report by Melissa McCrow

 Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’


Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar

C/ de Baix, 28,

46003, Valencia


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