A member of the ‘24/7 Valencia’ team met with Borja González, the director of Marino Jazz club, to discuss his musical background and the inspirations behind the opening of Marino Jazz in El Cabanyal.  Marino Jazz is an intimate jazz club situated in the trendy neighbourhood of El Cabanyal. The establishment is managed by musician and cultural promoter, Borja González. Indeed, he celebrated his birthday in style with a colourful night of music not so long ago. Inspired by the music scene in England and citing the likes of legendary bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Pink Floyd, the venue’s director is a musician himself who has previously worked in Valencia’s jazz scene. As a result of his musical connections and collaborations, the musicians and bands who take the stage at Marino Jazz are often those González has personally met and built relations with during his musical career.

The  band we saw was no exception as the director explained to the crowd, he met the band in a restaurant in 2006. Consisting of a drummer, saxophonist, keyboard player and guitarist, the band provided a colourful night of music that had everyone up dancing! The jazz scene has flourished over the years with the injection of musical styles and sub-genres such as Latin Jazz. Blending the rhythms of Cuba and the Spanish Caribbean with jazz, the uplifting rhythms and dance energy of this genre are hugely infectious. Drawing together the staff and the guests in a shared love of music and dance, the convivial atmosphere of Marino Jazz is deeply felt. The DJ session that followed complemented the Latin Jazz concert, creating a sense of continuity and a musical arc throughout the evening.

According to González, the venue’s décor takes inspiration from the cinematography of American filmmaker, David Lynch. As jazz and film often go hand-in-hand, the Lynchian style is echoed in Marino Jazz’s aesthetic and creates a refined atmosphere. Seeking to capture his vision in the design, they created a 1950s inspired salon that conveys the world of music and nightclubs.

With welcoming, attentive staff, live music and unmatched vibes…Marino Jazz is a must-visit spot in El Cabanyal. Keep an eye out for their popular concerts but be sure to book, by email, to avoid disappointment!

Report by Imogen Hockings

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

‘Marino Jazz’ photo copyright Imogen Hockings/  ’24/7 Valencia’


Marino Jazz

Venue Address: Carrer d’Eugènia Viñes, 223, 46011 València, Valencia







[A Jazz Evening]


20hr > Live music

21hr > Open Jam




[A Funk & Soul Evening]

20hr > 22hr > Live music

23hr > 3.30am > Vinyl Session (Funk/Soul/ Acid Jazz/ Freestyle)




[A Tropical Evening]

20hr > 22hr > Live music

23hr > 3.30am > Vinyl Session (Tropical/ Latin-Jazz/ Afro-Cuban)



From 19:30hr till 1:00am


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