‘Vibra Mahou Fest’ did not disappoint and on Saturday, November 11, created a truly memorable music experience, uniting culture, and high-quality entertainment. The second edition of the musical event brought together more than 4,000 people at La Marina de Valencia.

The day was marked by electrifying live performances by acclaimed artists like La La Love You, Varry Brava, Ladilla Rusa, Sexy Zebras, Niña Polaca, and Shego, who infused the atmosphere with their vibrant energy and exceptional talent on stage. Everyone brought something unique and every performance was a joy to listen to, regardless of whether you knew the musicians or not. On the other side of the stage, people danced to the DJ sets and enjoyed other parts of the festival for more fun activities. The vibrant urban market made a huge impression with eye-catching products from contemporary jewellery to colourful caps and jackets. At Mahou Rosé Saloon, people would queue to put on festival glitter makeup, take cute pictures on a pink couch, and try some of the Mahou Rosé with freshly made cotton candy. Nearby, they would play a game of finding rubber ducks in a ball pit for a chance to win Mahou gadgets. Food and drinks are a must-have at any festival, and Mahou Fest had a lot to offer in this department as well. Apart from lots of tasty beer options, people snacked on pizza, smash burgers, and bao buns before quickly rushing to hear the next performers coming up on stage.

Through this initiative, Vibra Mahou once again affirms its dedication to live music in Valencia, bringing national tours of artists spanning various musical genres to the city, supporting festivals, and, in this instance, commemorating its initiatives that foster community gatherings centred around culture and high-quality entertainment. This November in Valencia is incredibly warm, but Vibra Mahou Fest proved it is not impossible to make it even warmer with good music and a fantastic atmosphere! We cannot wait until we hear more from Vibra Mahou!

Report by Konrad Leśniak

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Photo copyright Konrad Leśniak/ 24/7 Valencia

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