24/7 VALENCIA: SUFRE VLC has been organizing some very interesting concerts at ’16 Toneladas’ over the years. Can you tell us more about ‘Avalanche Kaito’?

 Morgan of Sufre VLC: “An autumn full of incredible concerts has already started and I believe we have one of the most unique, futuristic, and even important concerts of the season that in the years to come will be remembered as a before and after of the future of the world and music. A window into the world today and the world to come.”

Who are Avalanche Kaito? (Burkina-Faso/Belgium)

“A Burkinabe urban griot (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kaito Winse) backed by a Belgian noise punk duo. A completely new sound and a great opportunity to deconstruct both traditional and futuristic knowledge. The sound of the world as it really is; an unruly and unforgettable sonic explosion created by the intersection of wayward travellers.”

‘Guante’ will be the local supporting act. Can you tell us more about them?

“Guante (Valencia) is Sufre’s new project. A link for Salomon’s guitars accompanied by Morgan and Gilles Martin. Influences are White Stripes, Goat, Beastie Boys, War.”

 Interview by ’24/7 Valencia’ team

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 + Guante (support)

November 27

Doors open 19:00h – Concert begins 19:30h

16 Toneladas

Carrer de Ricardo Micó, 3 (46009) València, Valencia

Phone: +34 963 49 45 84

More info: Avalanche Kaito (@avalanchekaito) – Instagram photos and videos.

Avalanche Kaito – YouTube

Spotify – Avalanche Kaito






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