24/7 VALENCIA: Can  you tell us more about the bands?

16 Toneladas: It is striking that BIG BRAVE, being in a distinctly metal environment, sound as un-metal as possible: they use textures of drones, darkness and despair, but create something of their own based on them, different in atmosphere and mood. Their music is dominated by a creative interiority, and the very course of the songs is devoid of dead ends and clear sequencing, it is like a meditation through noise and fury that cleanses the body and mind.

This work takes the band’s learning from their experience with The Body into the studio, but departs from Vital’s sense of emotional urgency and assured delivery, delivering an experimental album in the best sense of the word. All this does not deprive “Nature Morte” of tension and harrowing climaxes, so it will be possible to exhale calmly only towards the end of the material.

This is a project that sounds unique and invites you to dive into its hidden mantras, and for that alone you want to admire it.


From the darkest confines of Valencia visit us TRAIDOR, a powerful and aggressive mix of sludge, punk and badassery. They sound like a southern swamp, as if you woke up in a swamp with the worst hangover of your life, as if you were in a foundry you can’t get out of, darker than hell. With members of CEMENTERIO, DERROTA and TROCOTOMBIX.

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Carrer de Ricardo Micó, 3 (46009)  Valencia

September 14 2023
20:30h (doors) / 21:00h (concert)
Advance ticket 14€(+gg) ; 18€ at the box office (Ticket sales at the box office subject to availability)




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