The Consorci de Museus and @cero.en.conducta have announced the return of ‘Conciertos desde la Cama’ (Concerts from the Bed) that will take place on the 18th of November with collaborations from ‘Vibra Mahou’, the music platform of ‘Mahou Cinco Estrellas’. These concerts will be held in the museum’s Gothic cloister of CCCC to support and give visibility to emerging artists.

‘Conciertos desde la Cama’ form part of a consolidated project, generating community around the avant-garde in the music of today. With a programme full of young creators, typically under the age of 25, who come to perform from the ‘bed’ of the Gothic cloister of the ‘Centro del Carme Cultura Contemporánea’ (CCCC) in an intimate show.

These concerts serve as a way for up-and-coming talent to have a platform to showcase their music. Organised by the Consorci de Museus and @cero.en.conducta at the CCCC, ‘Conciertos desde la Cama’ remains a reference point for promoting emerging artists. This will be demonstrated once again on Friday the 18th of November with ‘vatocholo’ and ‘TRISTAN!’.

A young Spanish-Mexican composer, ‘vatocholo’ is also a producer who was born in Denmark and is currently living in Madrid, having spent part of his childhood in Guadalajara, Mexico. He has managed to develop his own sound, which is distinguished by the influence of regional Mexican music combined with the essence of street style, influenced by other musical styles such as hip-hop, rock, pop, metal or soul, which have accompanied the artist since his childhood. With only a few released songs, ‘vatocholo’ has managed to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with on the Spanish alternative scene.

TRISTAN! is a young artist from Madrid who, with only several songs uploaded to Spotify, has established himself as a very interesting artist in the ‘new pop’ scene. He is a member of the label ‘rusia idk’, which also includes artists such as mori, rusowsky and ralphie choo with which he has collaborated, creating a pop sound that is eminently electronic whilst maintaining the ‘cute’ element.

As in previous editions, the cycle has its epicentre in ‘bedroom pop’, which refers to the way in which artists create their songs in a way that is often minimalist, utilising the tools that they have around them. This year also sees the premiere of a new stage design by Abel Iglesias. Expect a fusion of musical performance, performance and inclusive theatre to explore the music of our time and give a voice to young independent national artists. Visit Centro del Carmen de Cultura Contemporánea (CCCC) on the 18th of November to experience ‘Conciertos desde la Cama’ (Concerts from the Bed). Entry is free until the venue has reached capacity.

Report by Shemaiah Rose

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia


 ‘Conciertos desde la cama’


November 18th

Time: 20:00h – 22:00h

Address: CCCC (Centro del Carmen de Cultura Contemporánea)

Carrer del Museu, 2, 4

46003 València






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