This Wednesday, I experienced ‘flamenco’ music at ‘Matisse Club’; a pervasive marker of Spanish national identity, flamenco is a traditional art form consisting of three parts: guitar (‘toque’), song (‘cante’), and dance (‘baile’).

Upon entering the darkly lit room, the shining neon sign ‘Matisse’ greeted my eyes; and I was immediately drawn to the musical intricacies on stage…like a moth to a flame. Singer Sandra Pérez filled the room with her strong feminine voice, combined with her powerful Andalusian accent, and accompanied by talented guitarists Javi Garcia and Tomás Gonzalez. I instantaneously felt a presence deriving from the southern Spanish roots, as the band perfectly captured all elements of flamenco folklore music. It felt like a musical fragment had been displaced from Spanish history and had been revived in the present, to our fortune. The atmosphere was vibrant and eclectic and transported us to a melodic dimension. As the audience clapped and encouraged the artists on stage, some even began to dance adding the ‘baile’ element into this flamenco world. The vocal harmonies were executed so perfectly that they could even be described as transcendental, as the volume built and built until reaching the soul.

Later on in the evening the audience was pleasantly surprised by talented brothers Vicente Torres and Juan Torres, who took the stage by storm. The vocal complexities performed by Juan Torres magnetised the audience, stunned by his technique, tone, and range. I had the opportunity after the event to talk to Juan, asking him about his experience of flamenco singing thus far:

“I have performed all my life ever since I was very young. I grew up in a family of flamenco singers who are all as equally talented as I am. It made sense for me to continue this journey of flamenco singing with my brother. I had been asked to go onto the Spanish equivalent of ‘The Voice’ when I was younger, but I said no. I just don’t really care about doing it for fame, I sing because I enjoy it, and I still do.”

The evening was rounded off by an impromptu jam session, whereby Sandra and Juan picked up their guitars and started playing and singing, whilst the remaining audience gathered around them in a circle to listen attentively. A nice change of dynamic – a wave of relaxation and intimacy travelled through the room, as we listened to the soft melodic sounds of ‘el cante’ (the song). I left this spectacular night feeling uplifted, thoroughly impressed, and enlightened by this part of Spanish culture. It is definite to say that I have developed even more interest and admiration for the art due to this memorable experience.

For more on the featured artists:

Juan Torres: 🔵JUAN TORRES (@juan_torress_music) | Instagram

Vicente Torres: Vicente Torres González (@vicente_torres_musicc) | Instagram



Address: Calle Ramón Campoamor, #60, Valencia, ES, 46022

Phone no.: +34 685 24 00 14

Website: Matisse Club, tu club de música en directo de Valencia


Report by Melissa McCrow

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Photo copyright Melissa McCrow/ ’24/7 Valencia’

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