The cultural association of ‘El Camino del Santo Grial’ a future European Cultural Itinerary connecting Italy, France and Spain, featured at the Aragonese Tourism Trade Fair (ARATUR), that was first held at the Congress Palace of Zaragoza between the 24th and 26th of May this year. This event was the second time that ‘El Camino del Santo Grial’ have been presented in this tourism fair, but not only as a tourist itinerary, but also as a place of cultural and educational exchange with different national and international academic entities.

The association was presented by representatives, Jacinto Gil and Francisco Miguel as a future European cultural itinerary – a project seeking to enhance the historical and cultural heritage linked to El Camino del Santo Grial, promoting sustainable and responsible tourism along the route that crosses the Mediterranean arc from Italy to Spain, and then joins the Pyrenees and Aragon passing through the Somport pass.

The Creaturisme program of Turisme Comunitat Valenciana organised, on the 11th of June, a seminar on the development of accessible tourism experiences, led by Izaskun Benito, CEO of Equalitas Accesibilidad. Part of a broader educational plan, the initiative focuses on promoting the creation of innovative and accessible experiences for all and to professionalise the tourism sector.

On the 20th of June, a day of networking about the cultural products of Mediterráneo Cultural was also held at the facilities of the CdT Turisme in the city of Valencia. CreaTurisme focused here on presenting different proposals of cultural products aimed at different consumer profiles. This all demonstrates the commitment of the region of Valencia with the development of cultural and accessible tourism, giving value to its rich historical heritage and the legends that surround it.

Additionally, the presentation of El Camino del Santo Grial in ARATUR is important for its nomination as a European Cultural Itinerary for several reasons. Firstly, it’s been a great opportunity for gaining visibility and public awareness in Aragon. Secondly, ARATUR provides a platform to showcase the historical and cultural richness of the Camino del Santo Grial. Thirdly, it attracts tourism professionals and allows for networking and collaboration. Finally, their participation in ARATUR demonstrates institutional support for the project, an important factor in the evaluation of the candidacy.

Report by Jenny Grierson

Article Copyright 24/7 Valencia

 Asociación Cultural El Camino del Santo Grial

Website: https://asociacionculturalelcaminodelsantogrial.com/

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