The TEM continues to champion the district’s cultural scene and does so by promoting activities and meetings in which El Cabanyal-Canyamelar takes centre stage. On  April 2nd, you can enjoy the concert ‘Al compàs del Romaní’, by the group ‘En clave de Clot’, where the roots of flamenco singing intertwine with total freedom and fluidity with some of the classical composers of the purest and most distant German and Italian musical culture.

Since its beginnings, this neighbourhood company has been committed to fusing the essence of classical music and flamenco. Now, they are going a step further and are moving towards a mixture of musical arrangements with references to the land, in order to evoke soundscapes. Its members dance to the rhythm of bulerías or soleares sung by a heartbreaking voice full of feeling. Suddenly, among all this amalgam, the figure of Mozart and other classical composers appears.

Among the seven musicians on stage there are violin and cello, voice and guitar, bass and cajón, saxophone and percussion. En Clave de Clot’s compositions are unique and are produced by all its members. Their work together is a good example of the synergy of the crossbreeding of their different techniques, characters and emotions.

In short, a musical fiesta in which two different and distant worlds meet and intertwine, the culture and work of great composers of classical music with their own versions inspired by flamenco milestones.


 ’24/7 VALENCIA’: Hello Pepe, it’s great to speak with you. To start, please give us a short introduction to your music with ‘En Clave de Clot’. Tell us the story of how you formed.

PEPE OF ‘EN CLAVE DE CLOT: “En Clave de Clot is a group of musicians, dancers and singers that was born from the desire to merge two totally different styles of music – classical music and flamenco – while maintaining the purity and emotion of both.”

What inspired you to combine classical music with flamenco? It wasn’t really my own inspiration, since I was not part of the group initially. It arose from a musical restlessness in the streets of the emblematic neighbourhood of El Clot in the Cabañal district of Valencia, by Lola Bendicho, Enrique Jiménez and Juan Giménez – members who are still part of the group today.”

Why was it important for you to include the element of flamenco dance in your concerts? Dance is an element that gives a visual colour in all its movements. Wrapped in gestures, steps, and touches made with care, it can transmit your sensations and experiences.”

And for your most recent music, what was your inspiration? What message do you want to share through your music? The show is surrounded by mystery, contrasts and different rhythms that oppose each other. Thanks to this we will visualize, throughout the concert, a variety of ‘palos’ (styles) that continuously express the feeling that the artists want to evoke on stage.

Our inspiration is to merge the essence of classical music and flamenco. With this new show, we go a step further and advocate the blending of musical chords with a fragrance representative of the land to evoke soundscapes transmitting the purest of both styles. Dancing and singing to the beat of bulerias or soleás sung by a heart-breaking voice, full of feeling.”

Do you think there is something in common between the two styles of music – something in technique or in spirit?I personally believe that all styles of music arise or are created through the principles of classical music. Flamenco was born from the mixture of many cultures in the 18th century with music, dance and singing as a base.”

As the saxophonist of En Clave de Clot, what element or role does the saxophone bring to your fusion? What do you like most about it? The saxophone is an instrument that participates in the great majority of the themes, giving that peculiar sound… and with a characteristic feeling that this instrument can give us with so much subtlety. I really like the range of possibilities that this instrument can give us, the ‘sonido’ and the diversity of effects and nuances that it can give us.”

‘En Clave de Clot’ has been playing music together since 2015, what has kept you playing music together for so long? The compositions of En Clave De Clot are unique and produced between all of us. It is a good example of our commitment and shows that we all enjoy preparing the songs and the concerts, which is reflected up on the stage.”

Interview by Julia McGee-Russell
Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’



‘Al compàs del Romaní’ by the group ‘En clave de Clot’

Price:12 euros

Sunday, 02 april 2023

19:00 h.

Plaça del Rosari, 3, Valencia, Spain

El Cabanyal – Canyamelar. 46011 València.

Tel: 963 24 25 52


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