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The gastronomic venture The Four Seasons of Earth has been launched by ‘Mi Cub’, a sophisticated terrace bar and restaurant nestled in the breathtaking Mercado de Colón of Valencia. As the seasons unfold, ‘Mi Cub’ brings distinctive specialities to its menu. As spring approaches, the chefs have collaborated with influencers “La Ruta dels Esmorzars” to create a complete Valencian lunch consisting of a sandwich with horse meat, potatoes, garlic, and honey and rosemary alioli. This delectable creation is complemented by peanuts and olives, as well as carefully chosen beverages to elevate the culinary journey into spring you are taken on.

This introduction to the menu truly embodies a traditional Valencian lunch, or more specifically ‘almuerzo’, a “small” snack enjoyed between breakfast and lunch that usually consists of a very large sandwich. The foundation of this dish begins with pataqueta bread, fermented for approximately 6-8 hours, a variety of bread that is typical of the Valencian community and the perfect size for such a sandwich. The star ingredient, horse meat, remains a cherished and nutritious option in the L’Horta and La Ribera regions of Valencia, whilst the incorporation of potatoes in the form of fries adds a twist authentic to the province as a whole. The chefs of la ruta dels esmorzars further add their own ingenuity to the dish through the blending of rosemary and honey to the aioli that imparts a delightful, sweet twist to this Spanish staple.

It is safe to say Mi Cub together with La ruta dels esmorzars have achieved their goal of giving a spotlight to local and seasonal products. This remains true not just for the carefully constructed sandwich but down to the suggested beverage pairings to enhance the experience. Throughout the four seasons, one recommendation prevails; a Turia beer. This aromatic Valencian beer, boasting rich citrus notes, makes an ideal companion to numerous and varied dishes, including the featured sandwich Mi Cub have decided to kick off their project with.

After indulging in these culinary delights and satiating appetites, patrons are encouraged to complete their meal with a cremat, a Catalan-inspired hot cocktail consisting of layers of coffee and rum. Infused with elements of cinnamon, orange peel, and roasted beans, this warm concoction not only soothes the soul but also leaves behind an almost medicinal aftertaste, rounding off the dining experience in a truly memorable fashion.


Report by Abi Kara-Fernandes

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’



‘Mi Cub’

Mercat de Colón

Carrer de Jorge Juan, 19





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