As part of the Paranormal Flamenco celebration, Tuesday, May 11th Esmeralda Rancapino and her ensemble transcended the stage at ‘Teatre Talia’ for an hour and forty five minute performance that left the audience in a standing ovation.

Virtuoso flamenco guitarist Paco Leon accompanied on guitar with main percussionist Ramon Torres Nunez too. The percussionists (palmas) Tate Nunez, Luis Pijoie, and Naim Rea completed the ensemble. With the spirit of an old-soul, at age 18 Esmeralda is a prodigy who has something quite advanced in her talent. Her passion swells from deep within.

For the casual attendee, one striking observation is the absence of sheet music charts and stands. This music is more than memorized. It is internalized. Consider this performance in a semi-trance state of flow, co-creating music with something great and divine within themselves. Their lives are a lifelong dedication.  Their consciousness is a vessel to pass this music on. With all its meaning, emotion and fortitude.

Towards the end of the performance, the ensemble exited the stage for Paco Leon to perform a solo composition on guitar. His mastery merits seeing him perform solo with his complete repertoire.

The authenticity of their folkloric performance is uncompromised. Witnessing this night was experiencing all the ancestors who have previously performed, evolved and passed down the tradition. Meaning this quite literally, Esmeralda started performing at a young age as the child of renowned performers and granddaughter of Alonso Nunez Rancapino.


Report by Philamonjaro

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Photos copyright Philamonjaro / ‘24/7 Valencia’

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