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A new initiative by Grupo Mercabanyal 

MERCADER emerges as a distinctive “gastronomic marketplace” on Friday the 26th of May, transforming an ancient cooperage situated at the entrance arch of El Cabanyal.


  • This new gastronomy and leisure space arises from the rehabilitation of the former Soler Cooperage, an iconic industrial architectural complex from the early 20th century.
  • Renowned Valencian restaurateurs have developed specific concepts for this exciting new project.
  • Grupo Mercabanyal incorporates this project alongside its notable ventures like Mercabanyal, Marino Jazz, and El Merendero in La Patacona.
  • The grand opening to the public will be on Friday the 26th of May.
  • MERCADER will be unveiled to the media through a press conference scheduled for Tuesday the 23rd of May.


Gastronomy, nostalgia, and a deep-rooted community spirit form the core principles of Mercader, an extraordinary venture in hospitality and leisure that will serve as a platform for Grupo Mercabanyal to further establish itself in the vibrant Poblados Marítimos of Valencia. This remarkable project reveals a century-old architectural gem to the public, which has long been an integral part of the city’s industrial and architectural heritage.

Mercader emerges following the restoration and rehabilitation of the historic Soler Cooperage, a century-old factory located at the end of Avenida Blasco Ibáñez, right at the entrance arch to the Cabanyal neighbourhood. Starting from Friday the 26th of May, both Valencian residents and visitors to the city will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this new place. It features a vibrant “gastronomic marketplace” adorned with diverse stalls and bars, showcasing the finest local and seasonal products. Moreover, an exquisite table-service restaurant specialising in premium meat cuts will be a highlight of Mercader’s offerings. Accompanied by its business collaboration, Cerveza El Águila, this distinctive venue will unite the innovative ideas of renowned Valencian restaurateurs who have adapted their concepts to the dynamic essence of this market.

The architectural design of Mercader, characterised by its interconnected spaces, features a beautiful cobbled patio and charming garden. It is meticulously crafted to recreate the lively ambiance of traditional neighbourhood markets across the centuries. From morning until night, this corner of the maritime façade will come alive with a diverse gastronomic selection, every day of the week.

Heritage and Ethnographic Value

Mercader will be more than just a gastronomic space. From the beginning of the project, José Miralles and Hugo Sánchez Cerverón (owners of Grupo Mercabanyal) have been clear that the intervention on this architectural complex, located at number 16 Joan Mercader Street, should respect the traces of its past. This includes not only the protection of its characteristic industrial brick façade but also its interior, which houses two parallel longitudinal nave areas: the Kitchen Market and El Taller. These spaces encircle a central patio, which serves as a connecting hub to a charming rear garden. Separated by just a few metres from the former El Águila factory, this almost 900 square metre enclave was dedicated between 1930 and 1990s to the production of barrels for the packaging and transportation of beverages. In addition, the building’s significance as a cultural heritage is further enhanced by its ethnographic value. Within its premises, a wealth of decorative elements and machinery stands as remarkable testament to the rich industrial tradition of Valencia. This realisation has propelled the restoration efforts to revive the former grandeur of this untouched gem within the neighbourhood, executed with utmost reverence and respect.

Grupo Mercabanyal, the driving force behind other projects in the Poblados Marítimos such as Mercabanyal, Marino Jazz, and El Merendero in La Patacona, has dedicated over a year to crafting a one-of-a-kind hospitality and leisure venue. Their unwavering commitment has resulted in the creation of a space that promises to be unparalleled in the city, offering a memorable experience to visitors and residents alike.

Report by Melissa McCrow

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’


C/ Joan Mercader, 16



Opening on Friday 26th of May

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