24/7 VALENCIA: What are the the roots of La Rambleta?

LA RAMBLETA: That La Rambleta exists, historically speaking, is quite an achievement. It vindicates the efforts by locals of the San Marcelino barrio who, for many years, fought to have a cultural centre here. 2022 marks the tenth anniversary of La Rambleta, with the satisfaction that it has become a place of peaceful coexistence and a cultural reference point in Valencia. This unique space is not part of the traditional circuit that is found in the centre of Valencia. Rambleta was founded with a mission, to give Valencia a varied & dynamic cultural programme that didn’t exist before. After 8 years, it has achieved its mission. The centre continues to grow as an exciting project and is now very much an established cultural centre for the region.

Can you tell us something about your philosophy?
Rambleta shares the same dynamic and non-conformist character as its barrio. It is a cultural gathering point and one open to all sorts of artistic expression, with a firm belief in the local talent that is emerging from our city. It is an independent and multi-use space, which is an impulse for developing its sociocultural diversity.

What is the type of public that you attract?
We have a very diverse public due to the sheer variety of our cultural programme. We have theatre in various formats including puppets, mime, spoken word, contemporary theatre and theatre that fuses with dance, arts & technology, opera and ballet. We also have modern dance, comedy, live music and cinema, plastic & visual arts and more. In this sense, our public is as dynamic as our programme. Our prices are accesible to all too…

Are there activities for the family?
Yes, a lot! A large part of our daytime programme is for the family. We offer theatre for the family, Aperitivos de Alhambra, live concerts, magic shows, films for all the family and more.

Explain to us the vision of La Rambleta in one paragraph…
Rambleta’s programme is committed to the cultural avant-garde, with a multidisciplinary and cutting edge artistic approach that combines entertainment, culture and gastronomy. It accommodates all artistic manifestations: performing arts, music, humour, exhibitions, cinema, creative thought and activities for all ages.

 Rambleta is somewhat away from the centre of Valencia, can you explain the best way to get there?
I can inform you that when we designed the monthly programme we made sure to always have a map included, explaining how long it takes to get to La Rambleta depending on the mode of your transport. Our team measured the distance from the centre of town by foot, by bicycle, by car and by bus. We realized that we were actually a lot nearer to the centre than we thought.

Interview by 24/7 Valencia team

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Bulevar Sur, esq. calle Pío IX.
46017 Valencia
Tickets on sale: From Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 a 14:00h and 2 hours before show

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