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LALOLA RESTAURANTE:     We are a team that has been in the centre of the city of Valencia for over 20 years. We serve Mediterranean cuisine in our restaurant, with rice and paellas made on-the-spot. It is a special enclave with a relaxing terrace. Located at the foot of the ‘Miguelete’ cathedral tower in a medieval street, in the shape of a zigzag, is where you will find the LALOLA TERRACE. ‘Lalola’ is recognized by the Huffington Post and ABC newspaper, as one of the most romantic restaurants in the city of Valencia.

* Calle Subida del Toledano, 8. Reserves 963 918 045    

COLMADO LALOLA   Over the years, we have been expanding our gastronomic offer to the public, creating an exciting project just 20 metres from the restaurant.   Across from the entrance of the cathedral of Valencia, you will find EL COLMADO LALOLA. Violeta Villanueva, the late and great mother of the owner Jesús Ortega,  originally  ran a grocery store here, transferring her experience to this new more contemporary version. It is a fitting tribute to the typical local stores of the barrio of yesteryear, where food & drink was bought and tasted in the same place. Iberian cut ham, artisan cheeses, local products of the sea (Valencia oysters, ‘clotxina’ mussels), homemade croquettes, smoked & salted fish and, above all, authentic Valencian tapas with a creative turn.
Calle Bordadores, 10. In front of the Miguelete tower. No reservation is necessary.

LOLITA BAR & COCKTAIL   The third team experience. Also to be found 20 metres from the restaurant LALOLA. Excellent furnishing and pampered art deco decoration. Enjoy a surprisingly ample terrace, surrounded by plants. It will move you to another era. Varied cocktail menu, from the classic infallible, to the most trendy. Gintonics, shots, coffees and infusions. Our specialty is ‘Agua de Valencia’ with Valencian oranges, cava brut nature and a spirit touch. An essential place to chill out and enjoy a cocktail in the city. “Very Chic”… according to Forbes magazine.
* Calle Santo Cáliz, 7. Reserves 606 145 563

LALOLA BEER  With our beer, we wanted to pay tribute to the Barrio del Carmen in Valencia. To its streets, its squares and especially to its people, who for a long time represented the artistic, bohemian and musical spirit of the city. It is a light beer, blonde and very fresh, with a citrus touch and aromatic orange blossom. It is a local craft beer and ready for you to enjoy in our neighbourhood stores.
* Acquire it in any of our stores.


*How to enjoy Lalola Experience
Follow these steps
 1 Lalola Colmado Snack    Eat: Patatas Bravas, Valencian Oysters and Iberian acorn-fed ham.Drinking: La Lola beer or a good Valencian wine.(Walk 20 metres to the LALOLA restaurant and reserve a table on its fantastic terrace)

2. Food Restaurante LALOLA     Eat: Esgarraet of cod & Titaina, which is a Valencia speciality. Enjoy Paella Valenciana or arros meloso (creamy rich dish) of duck mushrooms and foie.Drinking: Extensive cellar of Valencian and national wines, selected by the sommelier Silvia Gómez. Recommendation: Cava Brut Carrascal.(Walk 20 metres, to Lolita Bar)

3.  Enjoy Drinks at Lolita Bar & Cocktail     Drink: ‘Agua de Valencia’ in an individual glass, which is Valencia’s favourite cocktail… or a ‘Cosmopolitan’ or grapefruit Mojito. More than 15 Premium Gins to enjoy for your Gin & Tonic. Enjoy the terrace or the comfortable interior

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