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More than 60,000 LEDs to welcome in Christmas! The lighting is the equivalent of that which is installed in municipalities such as Torrent and Xàtiva.  Personalities from Valencian culture and social networks such as Vicente Marzal, Adrián Mora, Rebeca Herrera and Javi Mallol accompanied them. In Valencia, on 7 December,   ‘Mercader’ (the latest addition to the Mercabanyal Group) held a Christmas lights switch-on to mark the official start of the Christmas season and celebrate the festive spirit of Christmas with neighbours, friends and family.

More than 300 people counted down to the rhythm of Frank Sinatra for the big switch-on of more than 68,000 LED bulbs. Jose Miralles, co-founder of Grupo Mercabanyal, explained with emotion the aim, “To brighten up a neighbourhood that has always been poorly lit and which hopefully after this switch-on will have the light it deserves”.

The company Montajes Eléctricos Esber S.L. has been commissioned to install the 68,000 LEDs that illuminate the unique kitchen market. The installation is equivalent to that of municipalities such as Torrent or Xàtiva, with a total installed power of 6.8KW. In addition, the energy savings achieved with LED technology, which manages to reduce energy consumption by more than 75%, play an important role.

The protagonists of Mercader’s first Christmas lights switch-on are the residents of Cabanyal. Since they opened in May this year, they have had the same philosophy: keep the old to transform the future. That is why they maintain the essence of the Cabanyal, from its materials, its essence and its gastronomic offer to the visitors who pass every day through the kitchen market, the meat workshop, the grocer’s and its garden.

“The generous and open way in which the neighbours of Cabanyal have received us has been overwhelming. That’s why every step and every action is always based on thanking them, the neighbours”, said Hugo Sánchez Cerveron, co-founder of the Mercabanyal Group.

Today, among influencers, sportsmen and women, plastic artists, etc… many residents of the neighbourhood have gathered to toast to Christmas. The epicentre of this Christmas is in the Cabanyal; almost 100,000 people have passed through ‘Mercabanyal’ since its opening and have enjoyed the charm of this neighbourhood.

This Christmas they want to pay tribute to all the neighbours of Cabanyal who have welcomed them so well. That is why they are starting a period of craft workshops together with the vintage market that will make Valencia take notice of the Cabanyal even more.

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