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‘Mercader’ is an architectural and gastronomic project, which aims to restore and highlight the authentic features of El Cabanyal. The project involves the opening of the former Soler Cooperage, a century-old industrial architectural complex, to the public for the first time on May 26. The main philosophy behind the intervention and interior design of the building is focused on restoration, recovery, and reuse. Local artists and interior designers have played a crucial role in revitalising the industrial objects within the complex.

‘Mercader’ houses new ventures by renowned restaurateurs in the Cabanyal neighbourhood, including Tonyina Barra, Aldeaneta, and Pescados Bianca. In addition to these establishments, the gastronomic offerings include Jenkin’s, Michigan Detroit Pizza, Sibarita, a grocery-style bar, and a cafeteria.

The heritage recovery and rehabilitation project of the Soler Cooperage has resulted in a unique hospitality and leisure space. This space, never before open to the public, showcases early 20th-century industrial architecture. The owners of Grupo Mercabanyal, Jose Miralles and Hugo Sánchez Cerverón, have presented this new space to the media, expanding their presence in the Poblados Marítimos de València and combining hospitality and leisure projects with the revitalization of disused buildings. Starting on May 26th, locals and visitors will have the opportunity to visit Mercader, located near Avenida Blasco Ibáñez.

Its gastronomic offerings range from popular and casual options to more sophisticated choices, including select meats and cuts that are difficult to find elsewhere in the city. Mercader brings together renowned Valencian restaurateurs who have developed unique concepts for this exciting new space. Tonyina Barra offers signature tapas using seasonal produce, while Aldeaneta, created by Alfonso García of La Aldeana 1927 and Malarmat, specialises in local-flavoured sandwiches.

To enhance the experience, Mercader serves El Águila Dorada beer fresh from the tank, maintaining its cold chain and providing a smoother ‘mouthfeel’, greater aroma, and flavour. The installation of four tanks in the mezzanine of the Kitchen Market facilitates this unique beer service.

Report by Emily Bray

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