An exceptional line-up of artists will be joining Panorama Flamenco, the best flamenco experience in Valencia, for its 13th season at Teatre Talia. Flamenco enthusiasts will be able to enjoy four diverse and exciting performances. 

On April the 23rd, Valencian artist Lucerito De La Marismas will sing, dance and act in an energetic performance consisting of classics of the Copla and the Spanish song, as well as  more current ones. The audience will be in for a characteristically lively performance, as Lucerito states that, “I need to move, put my arms out, express myself… I can’t do it from a chair.” Complimenting Lucerito’s explosive performance will be Juan de Pilar on guitar and Manuel Quintero on percussion, the violinist Isabel López Láuzara and the great pianist Pablo García Berlanga.

Link to buy tickets for Lucerito De La Marismas:*4wmgcr*_ga*Mzk3Njc0MDcwLjE3MTM1MTUwNjQ.*_ga_H1QB6ZV309*MTcxMzUyMzAwNS4yLjEuMTcxMzUyMzUyMy40Ny4wLjA


18 year old Esmeralda Rancapino has been earning the respect of the flamenco community since The Parpuja Festival in Chiclana, and will represent the future of Cádiz singing during her performance on May 21st. Rancapino is the daughter of the percussionist Ramón Torres Núñez and the singer Ana Núñez Fernández, and is a direct descendant of the famous “Orillo del Puerto” and granddaughter of the renowned Alonso Núñez “Rancapino.” Her artistic debut took place at the age of 4, and Rancapino has been consolidating her early career with performances such as Suma Flamenca in Madrid.

Link to buy tickets for Esmeralda Rancapino:*8t86hw*_ga*Mzk3Njc0MDcwLjE3MTM1MTUwNjQ.*_ga_H1QB6ZV309*MTcxMzUyMzAwNS4yLjEuMTcxMzUyMzYwMy4yNy4wLjA.&_ga=2.227043357.1205213575.1713515068-397674070.1713515064 


Branded as one of the greatest musical geniuses in Spain, award-winning and critically acclaimed Rafael Riqueni will perform his new work, Nerja, on June 11th. Nerja harmonically illustrates the story of the group of young people who discovered the monumental cave in 1959 after a chance incident, and will showcase Riqueni’s impressionistic and classical influences.

Link to buy tickets for Rafael Riqueni:*1l8q4io*_ga*Mzk3Njc0MDcwLjE3MTM1MTUwNjQ.*_ga_H1QB6ZV309*MTcxMzUyMzAwNS4yLjEuMTcxMzUyMzY4Ny40OC4wLjA.&_ga=2.67144081.1205213575.1713515068-397674070.1713515064 

Rafael Vargas, also known as ‘El Chino,’  will pay homage to Enrique Morente in a tribute performance on July 9th. Vargas will deliver a meaningful tribute to one of the greats of flamenco, not just because of his vocal resemblance to Morente, but his familial connections. El Chino’s father, Miguel “El Bolero”, shared stages, trips and experiences with Enrique Morente and has given ‘El Chino’ a connection to the beloved singer.

Link to buy tickets for El Chino:*1ouod4t*_ga*Mzk3Njc0MDcwLjE3MTM1MTUwNjQ.*_ga_H1QB6ZV309*MTcxMzUyMzAwNS4yLjEuMTcxMzUyMzc0MS41NC4wLjA.&_ga=2.61050028.1205213575.1713515068-397674070.1713515064 


Report by Polly Watton

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’


Teatre Talia

C/ Caballeros, 31

Ciutat Vella




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