On Wednesday 15th of November CUB is organising a first-class concert at Peter Rock Club in the historic centre of Valencia! A night of progressive live music from incredible national and international artists.

GOAT (Osaka – Japan)

“It’s minimal techno without electronics, executed with astonishing precision, and that’s Goat”- Japan Times

The Japanese group creates rhythmic, experimental, minimalist music and they have been touring in Europe since October. Their visit to Valencia will bring ingenious rhythms that are completed with harmonics and guitar licks, distinctive bass and sounds of the saxophone, bamboo flute and Irish flute! Their hypnotic sound generates a feeling of restless trance: a dream of creative rhythms and intermittent sounds too. They explore the differences that come from repetition and continuous addition of muted and percussive sounds. A lucid and original mix between the urban and the tribal. GOAT has a sound which lifts the mood of the audience, taking us on a journey, they capture our full attention and concentration to soothe and comfort us too. The explorative performance of sound is carried out by: Koshiro Hino a.k.a YPY on guitar, Akihiko Ando on saxophone, Talafumi Okada on drums, Atsumi Tagami on bass and Rai Tateishi on percussion, bamboo flute and Irish flute.

Jason Kolàr – The Barcelona based composer, whose real name is actually Cristian Subirà,  has been an active member of Barcelona’s underground music scene for almost two decades; Organising concerts, releasing tapes, playing in bands (Dead Man on Campus, Coconot, Narwhal, Maresme, …), hiding behind different aliases (Summer Recreation Camp, Nubian Deli, Venessa Milano and Tim Robertson) and co-founding This Catalan artist has played more than 100 live shows in different places in Europe and the United States.

Mínim is the solo project of Juanvi Fortea. It is a personal journey of improvisation and a pursuit of learning that moves between ambient and experimental electronic music. He has released several works with Mascarpone Discos, Lontano Series, Faith Disciplines and Vinyltribes Records.


Report by Alice Teasdale

Article copyright 24/7 Valencia


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Peter Rock Club

C/ de Quart, 26



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