• Popular Festivals

    The Holy Week in Valencia is so unique that events unfold over fifteen days, offering numerous peculiarities. Images in houses; Christs carried by their faithful, pressed against their chests; the Dolorosas guarded by grenadier soldiers; the colourful attire; the music, sometimes sad, other times cheerful; the pyrotechnics that proclaim the Resurrection or the typical gastronomy […]

  • Popular Festivals

    In a city whose most iconic ‘Fallas’ festival involves building hundreds of expensive and intricate sculptures, only to burn them all down simultaneously, it’s not surprising that even Easter celebrations are a little bit different in Valencia. Easter’s Semana Santa or ‘Holy Week’ is celebrated across Spain as a sombre occasion where cofradias or ‘brotherhoods’ […]

  • Food
    Take part in the Golden Bunny Easter Hunt

    Because it is not Easter without Lindt chocolates! Swiss premium chocolate company Lindt & Sprüngli invites all the chocolate lovers to celebrate Easter by organising an Eastern Hunt with its iconic Gold Bunny and chocolate eggs and mini chocolate eggs, created specially for this time of year. Lindt Master Chocolatiers created the Golden Bunny over […]

  • History

    ##The weekend following Easter is known as the Pascua de San Vicente. The first Monday after Easter Monday is San Vicente Ferrer day, which means we all get a second consecutive long weekend. San Vicente Ferrer, along with his luckless namesake San Vicente the martyr ( who was tortured and executed by the Romans and […]

  • Editorial
    Easter at the Beach in Valencia

    All that remains of the old Barcelona railway tracks, which used to cut off the Cabanyal and the other sea front areas from the rest of the city, are a few spaghetti western style stations in Boulevard de la Serreria. The lines now go underground but the years of separation have meant that the “Poblados […]

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