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    #CORDÀ Saturday 26 February. 21.30 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Con la colaboración de los Tiradores de Paterna MASCLETÀ Sunday, 27 February. 14 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Pirotecnia Mediterráneo Tuesday, 1 March. 14 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Pirotecnia Peñarroja Wednesday, 2 March. 14 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Pirotecnia Dragón Thursday, 3 March. 14 h. Plaza del […]

  • Popular Festivals

    Fallas is back…Foc i fum, ducks and teapots The way things are at the moment, many might question the sanity of anyone who is willing to spend millions of Euros on erecting huge papier-mâché ‘‘monuments’’ only to gleefully burn them to cinders just a week later. You also might be forgiven for thinking (especially if […]

  • Popular Festivals
    Fallas Again

      GET IT AWAY FROM ME Never! I will not do it! I absolutely will not go through another Fallas. No more sleep deprivation. No more drunken stupor. Nix the exploding firecrackers, the howling dogs, the street concerts, the paella feasts. I refuse to ever again elbow my way through a crowd of people on […]

  • Fallas fireworks in Valencia

    Fireworks in Valencia Valencians take their fireworks very seriously. There can’t be many places in the world where a Castillo or firework display will be angrily booed and slow hand clapped if it’s deemed to be too monotonous or, the ultimate sin in these parts, not punctuated by enough loud bangs. Pyrotechnicians are held in […]

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