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    CROISSANTS! #diainternacionaldelcroissant

    By Helen Westwater La Ola Fresca  So, while a well-known UK supermarket blows up a storm of scorn from the French…for launching a new, straight-lined croissant that is easier for their customers to spread with butter and jam…we get back to basics, roll up the shirtsleeves and make our own. With these utterly buttery croissants, […]

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    ##When I lived in London, some of my favourite places to eat were the South Indian restaurants around Camden where they served delicious crispy, almost cone-shaped pancakes called dosas with a spicy mashed potato dish, vegetables and coconut relish. Since then I have tried to master the dosa—which involved hours of fermenting different types of […]

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    Red Valentine Beetroot Soup

    By Helen Westwater of ‘La Ola Fresca’   This month’s recipe combines the earthy red of beetroot and the pure white of coconut milk with a heady mix of spices, to steer off any last winter colds and cheer the hearts of any lost Valentinos. Beetroot, happily a vegetable that is available all year in […]

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    Hannah Banana Cake by ‘LA OLA FRESCA’

    ##It may be a strange phenomenon but in ‘La Ola Fresca’ most of our best loved cakes seem to adopt personalities all of their own. From the arrival of the much-pursued ‘El Señor Brownie’ came his happy partnership with his sun-kissed, wheat-free, partner-in-crime ‘Gloria Zanahoria’ (carrot cake with rice our and almonds). Then recently, out […]

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    ##When I first arrived in Spain about fourteen years ago, generally speaking the only vegetarian option was tortilla or grilled vegetables or bizarrely a tuna fish salad! Thankfully, there’s been some re-education on that one and now Valencia boasts a host of good vegetarian & vegan restaurants. However, as I am one of those less […]

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