Hannah Banana Cake by ‘LA OLA FRESCA’

##It may be a strange phenomenon but in ‘La Ola Fresca’ most of our best loved cakes seem to adopt personalities all of their own. From the arrival of the much-pursued ‘El Señor Brownie’ came his happy partnership with his sun-kissed, wheat-free, partner-in-crime ‘Gloria Zanahoria’ (carrot cake with rice our and almonds). Then recently, out of nowhere, the voluptuous dolce vita of the cake world ‘Hannah Banana’ has arrived on the scene!

Yes, you can certainly put away the calorie counter for this one, because it involves all the evils of sugar, cream, eggs and chocolate. The only saving grace being the potassium-rich bananas which may help to ward off the muscle cramps of all the push-ups you will have to do afterwards to balance your conscience.


Heat the oven to 180oC / 350oF and line a round 26cm diameter cake tin.

Mash the bananas. Cream the sugar and butter together, followed by the eggs, mashed bananas and mixed our and spices. Place in the lined cake tin and place in the warmed oven. After about 20 minutes when you see it has started to brown on top and has risen, turn down the oven to about 150oC to avoid burning. Cook for a total time of about 40 to 45 minutes.

Meanwhile make the chocolate sauce. Melt the chocolate squares in a bowl over boiling water. Heat the milk and double cream. Whisk in the sugar to dissolve and then add the melted chocolate. Whip chilled cream.

When baked and golden brown, turn out the cake onto a baking tray to cool.

Serve individual portions with the chocolate sauce, whipped cream and freshly chopped banana.



• 8 oz / 250 gm butter (room temperature)

•8 oz / 250 gm sugar (preferably light brown muscovado)

•8 oz / 250 gm plain white flour

•1 packet self-raising agent

•4 free-range medium-sized eggs

•2 ripe bananas

•1 teaspoon ground ginger

•Pinch cinnamon

•Pinch salt

Chocolate sauce 

• 225 gm dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa solids), broken into squares

• 150 ml milk
• 75 ml double cream • 40 gm sugar

To serve, chilled whipped cream and chopped banana.

La Ola Fresca 

C/ Músico Magenti, 11
Tel.: 610 026 305
Zona Benimaclet

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