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    With its numerous parks, open spaces  and the emblematice ‘El Rio’ Turia Gardens meandering through the centre, Valencia is a great place to own a dog. I love animals…and I especially love dogs. Not having one here in Valencia, an incredibly dog friendly city, has been a thorn in my side since I arrived. I’d […]

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    Refugios and the Bombing of Valencia

      Recent work on the Metro and the gardens in Gran Vía Germanías and Gran Vía Marqués del Turia have unearthed two almost forgotten 1930s air raid shelters or ‘Refugios’. Completely intact and left nearly exactly as they were at the time of the horrific bombing raids Valencia endured during the Spanish Civil War, their […]

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24/7 Valencia is the definitive English Speaking guide to Valencia. Extensive Listings, up-to-date and informed articles on restaurants, chill out, clubland, football, culture, arts, books, woman and much more.
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