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On November 22nd, Mi Cub at Mercat de Colón hosted a delectable event, ‘The 4 Seasons of La Terreta,’ where guests were treated to an upcoming autumnal addition to the menu. The focal point of the gathering was an unassuming yet pivotal ingredient – sweet potatoes – which took centre stage in an exquisite venison ‘tombet’ with pumpkin, and turnip cabbage. At 10.30 AM, attendees gathered around a table decorated with an assortment of seasonal vegetables. Chef Eva Davó from La Cantina de Ruzafa orchestrated the culinary spectacle. As she prepared the dish, she offered insights into the processes that elevate simple ingredients into delectable treats. Adding depth to the occasion, nutritionist and CEO of Fit con Q clinic, Paloma Quintana, shared valuable information about the health benefits of vegetable consumption and the versatile applications of sweet potatoes in everyday diets.

The star of the show, the deer stew, was impeccably complemented by a velvety potato puree and delicate chips. This harmonious combination created a true autumnal essence and underscored the culinary skills for which the chefs at La Terreta are widely acclaimed. The tapa was paired with Turia beer – a Valencian brew recognized for its rich aroma, creating an ideal complement to this seasonal stew.

Apart from introducing a new item to the Mi Cub menu, the event served as an excellent platform to showcase the diverse range of products available at Mercat de Colón. The meat was from Varea, while the vegetables were from Frutas Fina. The director of Mi Cub, Anabel Navas, expressed great support for promoting incorporating these nutritious, seasonal and local products into daily meals. Once again, Mi Cub proved its finest taste by featuring the most exceptional flavours available in the city, always providing a platform for the best culinary experiences.


Report by Konrad Leśniak

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Photo copyright Konrad Lésniak/ ’24/7 Valencia’


Mi Cub

C/ de Jorge Juan, 19,

46004 València, Valencia

Phone: 963 94 03 59



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