This past Sunday, June 30, a historic day occured with the first Fallas pilgrimage of the Way of the Holy Grail. The event has counted with the participation of a hundred falleros and friends of the Commission Falla Convento Jerusalem, who have embarked on this initiative to give visibility to the Way of the Holy Grail, as a European Cultural Itinerary as it passes between Aragon and the Valencian Community. The pilgrimage covered three stages, covering almost 20 kilometres on foot and passing through the towns of Albentosa, San Agustín and culminating in Barracas.

At each stop, the falleros presented the local authorities with bricks decorated with a design similar to a socarrat, destined for the signposting of the Way of the Holy Grail in the town centre, designed by craftswomen from the Housewives of the Valencian town of Emperador.

In Albentosa, the pilgrims were welcomed with a breakfast offered by the town council, followed by a celebration in the village church. During the ceremony, the local parish priest wished the participants well and blessed them. The mayoress, Yolanda Salvador, received the signalling socarrats as a symbol of this historic route during this ceremony.

In San Agustín, the pilgrims were welcomed in the town hall square, where the corporation organised a generous lunch with typical Aragonese products. The mayor, Daniel Riera, received the “socarrats del Camino del Santo Grial” in an improvised act at the doors of the town hall.

The day ended in Barracas, where the town council entertained the pilgrims with two Valencian paellas after attending an exhibition on the Holy Grail, inaugurated last week in the municipal facilities and organised by the Association chaired by Dr. Ana Mafé. The mayor, Antonio Salvador, received the signage from the hands of the honour roll of the Falla at the same exhibition.

The organisation of this pilgrimage has been carried out by a group of falleros in collaboration with the Asociación Cultural El Camino del Santo Grial. Ana Mafe, president of the Association, expressed her gratitude to the Falla Commission Falla Convento Jerusalem, its president Paco Segura, and its Fallera Mayor, Mariam Armiñana, for the support given to the Way of the Holy Grail. For his part, Paco Segura highlighted the creation of special links with the three municipalities visited and invited the representatives of these towns to visit them in March 2025 in Valencia, as a token of gratitude for the hospitality and generosity received.

The images and videos of this day will form part of the report that Dr. Ana Mafe is preparing to get the Way of the Holy Grail recognised as a European Cultural Itinerary. This pilgrimage marks the beginning of seven other stages that the Commission will organise over the coming months, with the aim of reaching Valencia in October 2025, coinciding with the Jubilee year, where the culmination of the route will be celebrated with a special event.

It should be noted that the Association was represented by José Planillo guiding the group along the route, its secretary Jesús Gimeno Peris and five members of the Guard of the Way of the Holy Grail led by Félix Moratal.

The Pilgrimage Credentials, which have been donated by the Albentosa Town Council and the Nómada Graphic Production Printing House through the Association, were stamped in each town as they passed through by Jesús Gimeno and Dr. Mafé. It is an identification document similar to that of the Camino de Santiago, but in the Valencian style and has provided all participants with a tangible souvenir of this historic pilgrimage.


Report by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

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