Valencia, 4th July 2024. The Real Sociedad Valenciana de Agricultura y Deportes has held the Ordinary General Assembly of Members in which a full account has been given of all the investments, agreements, activities and services provided during the financial year 2023. Rafael Aznar, Vicente Boluda Crespo, Felipe Vielba, Eloy Haya and Lucila Talens have joined the Board of Directors. The President, Manuel Sánchez-Luengo, as well as Carlos de Vargas, Iván Álvarez de Toledo, Isidro Niñerola, Juan Pablo Giménez, Julio Aguado, Javier Muñoz de Prat, Jesús Bayo, Lluis Bertomeu, José Prefaci, Juan Carlos Girbés, Yuri Aguilar, Hugo Sánchez de Moutas, José F. Ballester Olmos and Mª Carmen Martínez remain on the Board.

During the meeting, the positive evolution of the number of members was highlighted, as well as the wide range of activities and services provided, including Bridge, with Fina Ferrer as delegate and the Canasta under the direction of Carmen Espinosa. In addition, the president Manuel Sánchez Luengo has highlighted the important role played by the members in sustaining and supporting the Society in each of the projects that are carried out and has publicly thanked the support received in the re-election of his candidacy as president.

The Real Sociedad Valenciana de Agricultura y Deportes was founded in 1859 and was joined by the Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País, as well as representatives of the university world for the “advancement” of Agriculture, Industry and Arts. It continues today to carry out numerous cultural activities as well as having social correspondence with 60 clubs in Spain and 40 abroad. It has private members and companies that find a meeting point in its headquarters in C/ Comedias, as well as meeting rooms, conferences and different services.

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Photo caption: Lluís Bertomeu, Juan Carlos Girbés, Mª Carmen Martínez, Felipe Vielba, Rafael Azanar, Iván Álvarez de Toledo, Manuel Sánchez Luengo, Carlos de Vargas, Vicente Boluda, Javier Muñoz de Prat, Eloy Haya, José F. Ballester-Olmos, Lucila Talens, Jesús Bayo and Julio Aguado.


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C/ de les Comèdies, 12

Ciutat Vella



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