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‘Las Tardes de los Mercaderes.’ This is the distinctive and defining name of a new project that has just been born and that will delight all lovers of good quality & local produce. It will be in the ‘Mercado de Colón’, in the square below known as La Plaza de los Mercaderes, where the gourmet fishmongers Martin & Mary, Frutas y Verduras Fina, Charcutería Manglano and Carnes Varea will join forces to offer tastings, samplings, presentations, demonstrations, pairings, and courses. There will always be surprises full of flavour, always on Thursdays, once or several times a month, depending on the products and the season.

The Mercado de Colón has had merchants since 1916 with stalls and clientele that pass from father to son and the idea arose from the good relationship between them. Their customers have asked them to do so because they want to try their products, new products, know the seasonal details, traceability, creation, how they are grown or where they are born. And the merchants are aware that they have, each in their own speciality, the highest quality and those different and special products, difficult to find elsewhere, in many cases exclusively.

For José Manuel Manglano it is a beautiful way to share moments with friends and enjoy, for example, some cheeses and craft beers while pairing them according to the taste and texture to be tasted. It will also offer the opportunity to learn how to cut a ham properly or to travel around Spain through its cured meats.

Luis Lázaro comments: “At Martin&Mary we want to offer a new way of looking at quality fish and seafood, the format will be in the form of a tasting, so that you can personally evaluate the wonderful options. It is a way of bringing the market closer to the consumer in a complete and fun experience”.

The next event will take place on Thursday 23 May at 7 p.m. and will feature the special collaboration of Las Cervezas del Mercado by Bierwinkel and Orion Vinos, who will be pairing their imported and craft beers and wines with a tasting of each merchant: Iberian ham cut by knife on the spot, oysters, prawns, shrimps, Valencia clóchinas, tomatoes from El Perelló and pink tomatoes from Altea DO, an assortment of croquettes, trotters in serrano sauce, an artisan cheese board and for dessert Del Mont Gold pineapple and Melon Bollo. The public will be limited to 20 people and will sign up in strict order of registration. Those who do not have a place will be the first to take part in the next event. To sign up: whatsapp: 678 95 76 76 78

The Mercado de Colón has, in addition to the merchants, wonderful places to have breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, such as Mi Cub, Bocados, Vinos y Flores, la Mie Doré, Suc de Lluna, Pantalán 5 and Las Cervezas del Mercado; It also has two well-known artisan horchaterias, Daniel and Casa Orxata, with a lounge bar where you can have a cocktail or a premium drink, Down, without forgetting the well-known restaurants such as Bar X, Habitual, Ma Khin Café and Momiji. An offer that is undoubtedly unique in Valencia, in an emblematic modernist space that hosts the best in a cool and relaxed atmosphere.


Report by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Main photo: Joaquín Varea, José Manglano, Aurelio Comes, Vicente López, Luis Lázaro and Alejandro Jardel, each showing some of the products they presented.

Photos copyright Laura Lázaro


Mercado de Colón

Carrer de Jorge Juan, 19





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