A fantastic tribute band of ‘THE DOORS’ returns to Valencia: THE RISIN’ DOORS. This is an unprecedented show, with the maximum sonic and aesthetic fidelity to the legendary Californian band and their legendary leader, Jim Morrison. This is a two-hour concert that relives all their hits in a psychedelic road trip via the hypnotic organ of Ray Manzarek, the mysticism of Robbie Krieger’s guitars, the jazzy drums of John Densmore and the mystery of the Lizard King on stage, with the genius of Morrison at the front. THE RISIN’ DOORS is an experience that generates expectation and has been a success with audiences and critics, made from the heart and with the utmost respect and admiration for the band that revolutionised America.


24/7 VALENCIA: Can you tell us about “The Risin’ Doors”?

THE RISIN’ DOORS: The Risin’ Doors was born almost as a joke, when on the night of  ‘Reyes’ (Epiphany) 2016, 5 friends got together at ‘La Vitti’ to make a special live tribute of The Doors and announce it under the claim “Noche de Reyes: The Lizard King”.  Such was the demand and the influx of people that we were almost overwhelmed. We had to rent a truck and put all the furniture of ‘La Vitti’ inside it… to fit the audience in, we even had to schedule another date at the old WAH WAH to accommodate all the people who couldn’t get in. That’s when we realised that the project made sense and that the music of ‘The Doors’ was still very present in the collective imagination, so we decided to professionalise it and start touring Spain.


What do Jim Morrison and The Doors mean to you?

The Doors are one of the great bands of the 20th century, possibly the most important of the counterculture, the band that revolutionised America. They combined, with total mastery, the roots of the Blues and Jazz tradition to experiment with avant-garde sounds while at the same time distilling hits of great popular impact and millions of record sales too.

Jim Morrison was the paradigm of the modern rock star and the frontman who changed the rules. On a lyrical level he was a very important qualitative leap, on an aesthetic level you only have to look at him: the Greek Adonis, the mysterious poet of indescribable magnetism and unpredictable behaviour; angel and demon, eccentric and cultured, sweet and elusive, disciplined and excessive. He could sing like the most elegant crooner or like the wildest punk rocker.


What songs will we be able to enjoy at ‘The Risin’ Doors’ concert at ’16 Toneladas’?

Exclusively for ‘24/7 Valencia’ readers, here is the set list:

Soul Kitchen

The Changeling

Love Her Madly

People Are Strange

Hello, I Love You

Love Street

Touch Me

Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)

Not to Touch the Earth

Spanish Caravan

The Crystal Ship

L.A. Woman

Riders on the Storm

Break on Through (To the Other Side)

Light My Fire

Love Me Two Times

Back Door Man

Roadhouse Blues

The End


Interview by Will McCarthy

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’




5 January



Carrer de Ricardo Micó, 3




22:00h (doors) / 22:30h (concert)

15€ in advance (+gg) (; 18€ at the box office (ticket office subject to availability)




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