Dr. Ana Mafé García, president of the Cultural Association ‘The Way of the Holy Grail’, highlights the sustainability of the route during her speech at the XXVI International Congress of University-Business Tourism. Dr. Ana Mafé García, renowned expert in tourism and president of the Cultural Association ‘The Way of the Holy Grail’, has presented, accompanied by Jesús Gimeno, secretary of the Association, an outstanding piece of research at the XXVI International Congress of University-Business Tourism. This congress, held at the Universitat Jaume I in Castelló, brings together leading professionals and academics from the tourism sector to discuss trends and advances in the industry.

The opening ceremony was attended by different personalities from the business, academic and political world. These included Inmaculada López from the company Civitatis, Dr. Juan Bautosta Ferreres, moderator of the table dedicated to sustainability in experiential tourism, Dr. Jean Pierre Lozato-Giotart, professor at the Sorbonne University and prominent member of the group that leads the study of European Cultural Routes in France, the mayoress of Castellón Begoña Carrasco and the Autonomous Secretary of Tourism Mrs. Cristina Moreno Borrás. All of them have received a Pilgrimage Credential of the Way of the Holy Grail from the hands of Jesús Gimeno Peris.

At the table dedicated to sustainability in experiential tourism, Dr. Ana Mafé García shared her research entitled “The Way of the Holy Grail as a sustainable tourism experience and promoter of local culture in the province of Valencia”. This study, carried out in collaboration with Dr. Pedro Adalid, highlights the importance of sustainability in experiential tourism and its positive impact on local culture in the province of Valencia.

Dr. Mafé García and Dr. Adalid’s research work addresses the relationship between sustainable tourism and the promotion of local culture. It highlights how The Way of the Holy Grail is a unique tourist experience that can contribute to the sustainable development of the region and the strengthening of the cultural identity of Valencia. Dr. Ana Mafé García’s presentation received an enthusiastic response from conference attendees, who recognised the importance of promoting sustainable tourism experiences as a way to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of the province.

The Asociación Cultural El Camino del Santo Grial is proud of Dr. Ana Mafé García’s contribution to the dialogue on sustainability in tourism and hopes that this research work will inspire others to further develop responsible and culturally enriching tourism practices in the province of Valencia. Walking the Way of the Holy Grail on foot, without rushing, is a unique experience that combines adventure with sustainability. This exciting route, which stretches across Europe, offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history and natural beauty of the region while minimising environmental impact. Walking along sections of this sacred path allows pilgrims to connect with nature and local communities in an authentic way. The serenity of the forests, rivers and mountains can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, fostering a deeper appreciation of the environment and wildlife.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of this experience, as it promotes respect for the environment and minimises the carbon footprint by walking rather than using polluting means of transport. In addition, the route offers the opportunity to meet and support local communities by buying local products and staying in small businesses.

Walking the Way of the Holy Grail on foot, without a rush, is a memorable experience that not only enriches the soul with its spiritual dimension, but also contributes to the conservation of the environment and the strengthening of human connections, making this journey a sustainable and enriching adventure.

This activity has been included in the agenda of activities of the VIII Cultural Week The Way of the Holy Grail in Massamagrell. The week will end this Saturday with a dance performance in the Theatre of the Cultural Centre of Massamagrell at 12h.

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