TYLER RAMSEY (former Band of Horses) presents his latest solo album in Valencia at ’16 TONELADES’: SUNDAY NOVEMBER 17th

##- In “For the Morning”, the former solo guitarist and composer of the American band  ‘Band of Horses’ rescues the spirit of the great masters of folk and country-rock.

– Basque singer-songwriter Maren will perform previously as a guest artist. The American Tyler Ramsey, solo guitarist -and also co-author of songs- of the indie rock group Band Of Horses for ten years, will perform on 17th November in the Sala ’16 Toneladas’  in Valencia, accompanied by the Basque singer-songwriter Maren as guest artist.

In May of the same year, also coinciding with the farewell of bassist Bill Reynolds. Ramsey announced his definitive departure from Band of Horses, a group he accompanied as a musician and composer from the publication of the acclaimed Cease to Begin to the present day. The aim was to focus on his solo career, closer to the atmospheres of folk and country-blues. To date, Tyler had released three albums under his name: his 2005 debut LP of the same name, “A Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea” (2008) and “The Valley Wind” (2011). In 2019 “For the Morning” was released on the Concord Music / Fantasy Records label. An LP recorded in Louisville (Kentucky) that contains exuberant songs recorded with the help of old and new friends, between splendid vocal harmonies and guitar counterpoints. Ramsey is a singer and guitarist-also a multi-instrumentalist: piano, percussion, keyboard and bass-very well established in the music scene of his home region of North Carolina. His sound absorbs the teachings of the names that marked him in his years of learning, mainly the bluesmen Mance Lipscomb and Mississippi John Hurt and masters of fingerpicking like John Fahey and Leo Kottke. Although his music is also frequently compared with the greats of country-rock and folk like Neil Young or Gram Parsons.

The young singer-songwriter Maren will be the backdrop for the American Tyler Ramsey (ex Band Of Horses) on the tour that he, accompanied by his band, will be giving on our stages in November. The tour itinerary is as follows: 14th November, Barcelona (Sidecar), 15th November, Madrid (Café La Palma, as part of the Momentos Alhambra cycle), 16th November, Zaragoza (La Lata de Bombillas) and 17th November, Valencia (16 Tonelades).

Maren arrives from Gallarta, Bizkaia.  She transmits the values we all look for in the new generation… A taste for poetry, texts that are careful and full of encouragement, a passion for music and a play list on her mobile phone that includes The Beatles, Queen, Vetusta Morla, Arctic Monkeys, Janis Joplin and Damien Rice. She has published an EP, “Alguien sin vergüenza”, mixing English and Spanish. His concerts are acoustic with voice and guitar, it is a chamber pop exercise that has maturity and depth.


              Sunday 17-11-2019 
              19:00h (apertura puertas) 
              15€ anticipada (www.movingtickets.com, Discos Ámsterdam, Harmony Discos); 18€ taquilla.

Tickets: https://movingtickets.com/detalle/Entradas-Tyler-Ramsey-en-concierto-en-Valencia/

               16 TONELADAS | ROCK CLUB –
               C/ Ricardo Micó, 3 – 46009 Valencia  (near main bus station)

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