24/7 Valencia: Tell us something about your background and musical education…
Voro Garcia:Like the vast majority of Valencian children, I started playing (the trumpet) in the band of my local town. So, being a child I went through the tedious part of learning a wind instrument. Infact, it was not until the end of my adolescence when I began to listen to jazz that I started to consider that there was another way to make the trumpet sound.

What is it that appeals to you regarding the sound of the trumpet? Thanks to Miles Davis, Chet Baker and Louis Armstrong I discovered that the same instrument could sound so different depending on who or what it interpreted and by whom. So, a whole world opened to me in order to find my own sound and thus be able to tell my own story through the trumpet.

Do you have any influences in and outside of  music? Musically speaking, my most powerful influences have been the jazz that was played between the 50s and 70s. Another source of inspiration in my life has also been people who, in some way or another, are distinguished by the passion they have for what they do.

Can you tell us something about the tracks of your album, ‘Live at Jamboree’? The themes chosen in this “live” album refer to certain people, situations or feelings over the last few years. Therefore it is a way of materializing myself, musically speaking, through a live concert… which I consider as the only way to really achieve that objective. The direct sound of a live band in action captures that magic of the moment that, like jazz, is inseparable.

What is Valencia like for living and working as a musician? Valencia is a very agreeable city to live in and it is full of open people who are willing to enjoy & appreciate art at all times. Perhaps the cultural offer is not fully adapted to the demand of its citizens, at least in the number of live concerts that are available.

Do you have any future plans for the studio and concerts? There are always projects. Some are more expensive than others but the need to continue creating is always present.

Interview by Will McCarthy

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’

‘Voro Garcia’ photo copyright A. Sambeat

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