Today, Saturday 14th May, Veles e Vents is once again hosting Volumens Day, a day to delve into avant-garde electronic music and digital art. At 8 p.m., it will begin with the presentation of the book “Ruta Gráfica. El diseño del sonido de València”, which delves into the richness and exuberance of the artistic dynamics that generated the ‘bacalao’ and which is currently exhibiting the posters collected from Valencian clubs at the IVAM. The presentation will be followed by Deeplomat’s Live AV and a set by Gregori and Moy Santana, one of the authors of the book, together with the Galician visual artist Marta Verde.

The incredible work of research, compilation and care in the design that Moy Santana and Antonio José Albertos, director of VOlumens, have taken care of in “Ruta Gráfica”, highlights the artistic dynamics generated by the movement that flourished in Valencia in the 80s, known as ‘bacalao’. A subculture that, in its journey from the purest ‘underground’ to its consolidation as a mass phenomenon, would end up causing important reverberations on a national level. Although the musical aspects form part of the collective imagination, the graphic section with which it was accompanied has remained largely hidden.

Elisa Ayala, Paco Bascuñán, Quique Company, Sento Llobell, Ramón Marcos, Edu Marín, Pablo Mira, Paco Roca, Armando Silvestre are just some of the artists who were largely responsible for giving the Valencian night its image. The ‘Ruta Gráfica’ book recovers this whole universe, putting it in context and giving it a hitherto neglected value, even materialising not only in a book, but also in an exhibition that can currently be enjoyed at the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM). The authors will present the book accompanied by Vicente Pizcueta, promoter of the discotheques Barraca, Chocolate and Heaven.

The book presentation will be followed by performances by Deeplomat with his live AV and a DJ session by Gregori and Moy Santana himself, accompanied by the visuals of the artist Marta Verde who is also a creative technologist and educator. In the artistic field she explores the nature of indeterminism in relation to the organic and the electronic with the use of noise, repetition and digital processing using analogue signals in real time with multimedia installations. She also develops custom software and devices within the DIY philosophy. She is currently an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, as well as in València in the Master of Music in Music Production, Technology and Innovation.

VOlumens DAY is organised by the VOlumens festival and produced by Veles e Vents. It is a regular programme that takes place in Veles e Vents one Saturday a month and has a  programme until June with performances, talks, book presentations and screenings about electronic music and art.

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Veles e Vents

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