24/7 Valencia: Could you tell us more about this new jazz jam session?

Fata Morgana: Attention, jazz lovers! After a long and challenging period since COVID-19, the jazz scene in our city is finally being revived. We are pleased to announce the arrival of an exciting new Jazz Jam Session, designed to rekindle the passion and spirit of this timeless music.

Where? At the iconic Fata Morgana, a classic bar located in the heart of the Extramurs area. With well over 40 years of history, Fata Morgana is a true landmark in the city. Its carefully planned interior layout and large windows provide the perfect environment for an intimate and vibrant interaction between musicians and the audience. Here, every corner is dedicated to celebrating jazz and its magic.

What makes this Jam Session special? This jam session is not just an event; it’s a movement that is bringing together jazz musicians from all generations. From veterans with stories to tell to young talents eager to innovate, everyone comes together with one goal: to enjoy and share the essence of jazz.

When? Every Wednesday from 20:00h to 22:30h, you have a date with the best live jazz in the city.

Come be part of this unique experience. Whether you’re a musician, an aficionado, or simply curious, our jam sessions offer a place where jazz flows freely and the community unites to celebrate this wonderful genre.

We look forward to seeing you at Fata Morgana for unforgettable evenings filled with rhythm, improvisation, and good company!

For more information, visit our social media or contact us directly.

Jazz beats its rhythm again in Extramurs every Wednesday at Fata Morgana.

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Calle Salas Quiroga 4,



+34 690 81 06 37


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