Matisse Club is a hub for great live music in Valencia, providing an eclectic range of genres from jazz, classical music, blues, reggae, flamenco, swing, salsa, hip-hop, rock, indie and more! Each night of the week they provide a different experience with events such as concerts, jam sessions, open mic nights and flamenco parties. On Wednesday, I attended their Flamenco night which consisted of an hour show followed by an open mic session. If you fancy soaking up Spanish culture and are looking for a truly unique way of watching flamenco, check out Matisse club for their weekly Flamenco sessions every Wednesday!

Last week’s session was a bold and elegant fusion of singing, dancing, and music performed by ‘Toneti’ Amador as singer, Juanjo Amador as guitarist and Dani de Francisco as dancer. The impressive vocalist performed an excellent gipsy and Moorish sounding ‘cante’ throughout the night. This was accompanied by elegant ‘toque’ playing. Later on, Dani de Francisco joined the stage using his percussive footwork and handclapping known as ‘palmas’ to create an ambient rhythm.  This awe-inspiring performance spread into the crowd, as the audience began clapping and contributing to the sounds of Flamenco.

After their performance, an open mic session began where friends and family of the artists joined the stage. It became clear that flamenco is part of their upbringing, as everyone who performed last week did so naturally and rhythmically.

Report by Sabina Redfern

‘Matisse Club’ photo copyright Sabina Redfern/ ’24/7 Valencia’


Address: Carrer de Campoamor, 60, 46022 València, Valencia

Phone : +34 685 24 00 14



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