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 24/7 VALENCIA: Can I change/cancel/extend the insurance period?

CIARÁN: You can change the insurance period up to 3 business days before the insurance start date (free for the first time, 10€ fee from the second time) ・For extensions of 3 months or more, please purchase directly from the website. ‘The cancellation can be done if the visa is rejected, or due to death of the applicant or extreme illnesses. (Certificates and verification required)

 Can I buy insurance if I currently live in Spain?


Is dental treatment included?

Annual dental cleaning, dental examination and tooth extraction are included. (Caries treatment is not included.)

How many days does it take from application to arrival of insurance documents?

Usually within 1 business day, or within 2-3 business days at the latest, we will send the insurance policy by e-mail. Please make sure to also check your spam folder.

 How many days will it take for the digital insurance card to arrive?

Usually within 1 business day, or within 2-3 business days at the latest, we will send the insurance policy by e-mail. Please make sure to also check your spam folder.

When I see a doctor at a local hospital, do I need to pay for medical expenses in advance?

You don’t need to pay an advance. Please bring your insurance card and ID (NIE or passport) when you go to the hospital.

 Who can buy Expat insurance?

Anyone who holds a foreign passport or residence card who plans to come to Spain or are already in Spain can buy the Expat (health) insurance. (People over 65 years old need to contact us for more information)

How long should the insurance cover?

According to the VISA/residence application and renewal requirements, the insurance should cover your entire stay in Spain. If you stay in Spain for more than 1 year, you can insure for 1 year and renew the insurance annually.

How do I cancel my insurance?

We only accept cancellation if your VISA or residency application/renewal is rejected. You only need to email us ( indicating your insurance information along with the Rejection Letter and we’ll take care of the rest. All unused months will be fully refunded within 3 working days.

 What is the ‘deductible’?

The deductible is the amount paid by the policyholder before the insurance company starts to pay. Our insurance does NOT have deductibles.

 What is the ‘waiting period’?

A waiting period is the amount of time a policyholder must wait before some or all of their coverage comes into effect. Our insurance does NOT have a waiting period.

 What’s the difference between travel and Expat insurance?

Travel insurance usually sets a limit of maximum 3 months abroad. The Expat insurance doesn’t. It offers you continuous protection no matter how long you stay in Spain.

Travel insurance only covers emergencies. The Expat (health) insurance covers emergencies, medical specialities, diagnostic tests, hospitalization, ICU, rehabilitation and more.

Travel insurance does NOT meet the requirements of residency application and renewal in Spain. The Expat (health) insurance does.

What if i need to buy insurance for a group?

If you’re buying insurance for more than 6 people, fill in the form called Insure for a Group, and we’ll contact you within hours.

 How do i change my policy period?

If you need to extend your insurance, you can click on the Renew button on the Dashboard -> My Insurances, or place a new order noting the months that you’d like to add.

If you need to change the start date or shorten the insurance, you need to email us ( at least 3 working days before the start date.

Is Covid-19 covered?

YES. Test and treatment are both covered.

 What is a ‘co-payment’?

A co-payment is a flat fee paid by the policyholder to the hospital/clinic for a covered service. Our insurance does NOT have co-payments.

 Do you need an address in Spain?

To buy the insurance cover you do not need an address in Spain. But to receive the physical insurance card and documents you need a Spanish address for the documents to be sent to. The documents must be sent to a Spanish address.

Do I need a Spanish bank account?

For Expat (health) insurance, dental insurance, accident insurance and pet insurance, you can pay with a credit card.


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