The bar-library La Batisfera in Cabanyal will be hosting its fourth ‘Las Inmersiones’ concerts, a series of intimate musical performances taking place from 5th to 26th May 2023. Every Friday in May, various Spanish artists will be performing live, with a limited 60 seats for each audience. ‘La Batisfera’ is the venue with everything: delicious food, international books and good music. The cafeteria, bar and library is known for its array of second-hand books in various languages that can be enjoyed by many, though is also loved for its bar serving wine, beer and tapas. The cafeteria features a wooden stage where musicians can perform for customers evey month. Throughout May 2023, La Batisfera will be hosting musical performances every week with various renowned artists from across Spain.


Concert Lineup:


May 5th 20.00h

The first performer kicking off the concert is Òscar Briz, a Valencian singer, guitarist and author. Briz is in the peak of his career, having performed for forty years producing music from the pop, indie and punk rock genres. Overall, Briz has published a total of 9 albums under his name, all of which have been winners or nominated for best of the year in the pop or singer-songwriter categories. His latest music work was composed during the COVID-19 lockdown, named “Amor & psychedèlia en temps de virus,”. This music has been described as ‘emotional’ and ‘uplifting’ and explores love, heartbreak and psychedelic exploration.


SEU NOME É GAL – A Tribute to Gal Costa

May 12, 20.00h

 This performance will be performed by artist Amanda Maria, who will pay tribute to the late Gal Costa, one of the most important voices of Brazilian music. Costa was part of “Tropicália”, a musical movement born in the late 60s. In the following years, she established herself as one of the best singers in Brazil, achieving success until 2022 when she passed away. On May 12th, Maria will be accompanied by guitarist Josias Pedrosa, and joined by Mariano Steinberg on drums and Gerardo Chacón on bass. Together the artists will provide a heartfelt and emotional performance paying tribute to the amazing woman who played such a seminal role in Brazilian pop music.



May 19, 20.00h

‘Russafians’ is artist Miguel Ángel Scorcia’s new project. Scorcia is part of the Spanish rock and roll genre with over 32 years in the music industry, exploring hits from the classic Rock and Roll eras of the 50s to the 60s. In this concert he will be using the acoustic trio format of guitar; double bass and a snare drum with brushes. Scorcia will deliver Country, Rockabilly and Rock and Roll sounds to the audience, as well as including original and well-loved songs.



May 26, 20.00h

Analuisa Cardona is a professional flamenco dancer who began her dancing journey at the age of four. Cardona has shared the stage with the master Antonio Canales, Miguel el Rubio, Rosario Flores, among others. She currently resides in Valencia, where she stands out as a bailaora in the main tablaos of the region. The lucky 60 audience members will be able to see Cardona performing traditional flamenco dance. Her performances evoke strength and feeling, and defends ‘jondo’ flamenco, an ‘unspoiled’ and ‘raw’ way of performing the traditional Andaulsian art of flamenco.

Report by Emily Bray

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’




La Batisfera

Calle de la Reina: Calle Carlos Ros 32




Tel: 962 04 58 45

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