Thirty-one artists have performed in a cycle characterised by the variety of styles and the presence of established and emerging bands.The Waterboys closed the festival to great public acclaim last night. Lola Índigo, Tini, Mónica Naranjo and Rozalén were the stars of the most popular shows. The group The Waterboys closed last night a new edition of the Viveros Concerts with a great success regarding the public. The Scottish band led by Mike Scott managed to fill the festival site in a show in which they presented their latest album, All Souls Hill, and which also included classics such as “The Whole of the Moon”, “Fisherman’s Blues” and “The Pan Within”. This was the final touch to a series of performances that took place between the 1st and 23rd of July.

The Viveros Concerts, part of the programme of the Gran Feria de Valencia, consisted of 18 musical evenings featuring 31 Valencian, Spanish and international artists. The event was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Valencia City Council and eleven local promoters. In this way, the involvement of the largest possible number of Valencian music companies has been encouraged.

The festival’s programme has been very well received by the public of the city of Valencia and its surrounding area, and also by the people who visit us at this time of the year. Thus, the Viveros Concerts 2023 have registered the highest attendance figure of the last five editions with 55,000 people. In this sense, it should be noted that the event has consolidated and increased the post-pandemic figure of 2022, when 52,000 people attended. The shows by Lola Índigo, Tini, Mónica Naranjo, Rozalén, The Waterboys, Los Secretos and La Fúmiga attracted the largest crowds.

This year’s line-up combined the presence of international, national and Valencian artists. In this way, and as has become a tradition, the Viveros Concerts are a showcase for performers from other countries who would not have been able to perform in the Cap i Casal if this space, which adapts to their technical and capacity needs, did not exist. It is important to highlight that the festival has hosted the Valencia debuts of artists such as Tini, Jacob Collier and LP. In addition, the aim of supporting the talent and creation of Valencian artists has been maintained with the presence of La Fúmiga, Colomet, Elena Játiva, Pep Gimeno “Botifarra”, Auxili and Mr. Sanchez.

The organisers have also maintained the aim of putting together a line-up aimed at all ages and all kinds of musical preferences, from rock and pop, through urban music and reggae, to jazz and traditional roots rhythms. In addition, the tickets have been kept at moderate prices: two thirds of the shows have been priced at €30 or less. As always, these are lower than what is usual in venues with similar characteristics to those of the Viveros Concerts. This is possible thanks to the efforts of the promoters and the collaboration in equipment offered by the Valencia City Council.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the high participation of female artists. Thus, 40% of the programmed proposals (13 out of 31) included the presence of women, either as leaders or as members of the corresponding group. This is a higher percentage than the average for Spanish festivals and, for yet another year, once again places the Viveros Concerts in a benchmark position in the music market.

 Report by ‘24/7 Valencia’ team

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Photo ‘Waterboys in Valencia’ copyright Rodrigo Marquez


The Waterboys’ set-list from  yesterday’s concert (July 23rd) in Valencia:

Where the Action Is

Glastonbury Song

How Long Will I Love You?

Ladbroke Grove Symphony

A Girl Called Johnny

This Is the Sea

Blackberry Girl

Because the Night / The Pan Within

My Wanderings in the Weary Land

Strange Boat

Fisherman’s Blues

Easy Rider

Medicine Bow

The Whole of the Moon


Dead Flowers

And a Bang on the Ear

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