LA CASA DE LA MAR (Music, gastronomy and beer)

24/7 VALENCIA: What is ‘La Casa de la Mar’?

LA CASA DE LA MAR: Our house holds everything that feeds the spirit. An open space just a step away from ‘Patacona’ Beach where a beer tasting, a game of table football and an acoustic concert can happen at the same time. We can’t deny it, we have a lot of fun here and we want you to enjoy it with us…

24/7 VALENCIA: Can you tell us more about your cuisine?

LA CASA DE LA MAR: If we are what we eat, at Casa de la Mar by ‘Amstel Art’ we want to take you on a journey via our gastronomic offer. This includes Brazil, Hawaii, Mexico and, of course, the best local flavours of the “terreta” are found in our cantina and our food truck.

24/7 VALENCIA: How about the monthly Cultural programme?

LA CASA DE LA MAR: With ‘Valmúsica’ at the helm, cultural promoters in Valencia for over 15 years, we programme non-stop music events from all cultural disciplines: indie, pop, world music, electronica and more. When you have music in your veins, it shows. ‘La Casa de la Mar’ is a space for independent projects and great adventures. It is a showcase for ideas. We are open to the world. Come and join us!

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Av Blasco Ibáñez Novelista 8


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