“This is Passion not Fashion”

When you find yourself in the historic centre of Valencia, quite near La Lonja, you will find a street filled with rows of family-owned businesses, from bike rentals to souvenirs. There you will also find a local clothing shop ‘La Room’.

‘La Room’ is a family business of Ferran, a graphic designer, and his brother.  It originated in Barcelona in 1999 as ‘BoomLaPop’ and then moved to Valencia, the home of the brothers, in 2002 under the new name.

The brand specialises in clothing and accessories from Valencia with creative designs and slogans. A personal favourite of mine is the ‘Bolsa Falsa’ which are tote bags with designer logos, such as Chanel but with a clear stamp that says it is a fake bag.

The sense of humour of the designer can be witnessed when looking at the products in the shop, a ‘More Trees, Less Assholes’ top for example. More importantly, you can see the inspiration behind it, which is his time in Manchester during the 90s where he got to submerge himself in the indie-rock scene and took a part of that back with him to Spain.

The store was originally a place for “punk-rockers” to purchase their latest gear, however, with time it has evolved to much more than that. For example, ‘La Room’ is the go-to for the local businesses and people, where they can order custom-made uniforms for the bars and restaurants or slogan T-shirts for your bachelor/bachelorette parties.

With a workshop in Guadasséquies (La Vall d’Albaida) , you can come and order any of the products you see in different sizes or have something designed especially for you! From punk vibes to comedic slogans and Valencian-focused designs with the cathedral tower, the bat, or the coastal outlines. You may also find designs with Valenciano jokes, which make these so much more unique to the ‘I heart Valencia’ that you’ll find in a typical souvenir shop. The prices are very affordable for the quality of the products, with T-shirts averaging 13 euros, hoodies for around 22 and backpacks for 30. The shop also has magnets, mugs, hats, and other accessories, but most importantly, it has fantastic service!

The “This is passion not fashion” slogan is clearly visible when speaking with the co-owner of the brand. The shop is a dream of Ferran that he is not willing to give up on no matter how hard the times get.

So, be sure to pay a visit to this amazing store where you can get one-of-a-kind designs to spice up your wardrobe or make a special gift for your friends and relatives. If you find the products are to your taste then you will also definitively benefit from a great chat with the owner!


Report  by Nicole Maka-Sprawa

Article  ‘24/7 Valencia’

‘La Room’ Photo copyright Nicole Maka-Sprawa


La Room

Carrer de l’Estamenyeria Vella, 2



Opening times: Monday to Friday – 11am to 2pm and 5pm till 8.30pm



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