A tranquil paradise hidden between the towering buildings of Expocisió, Jardí de Montfort is one of the more underrated gardens in Valencia. 12,000 square metres of striking Greek sculptures, ornamental fountains, perfectly trimmed hedges and intriguing foliage, the garden is architecturally varied and well worth a visit.

The garden was originally an orchard owned by Don José Vich, Barón de Llaurí, before being sold to Don Juan Bautista Romero in 1849. Romero commissioned Valencian architect Don Monleón Estellés, resulting in the idyllic garden that we see today. The name ‘Jardí de Montfort’ comes from the Montfort family that inherited the garden after the passing of Romero.

Entering into the garden, the Pati dels Lleons holds two lion statues which were originally commissioned for the staircase of the Congress of Deputies in Madrid, but were rejected. Don Juan Bautista Romero acquired the statues and brought them back to Valencia for this courtyard, placing them either side of a staircase ascending into the rest of the garden.

To the left of the courtyard is The Parterre Nou area, consisting of a geometric neoclassical style garden with clipped spindle hedges and guarded by many statues on platforms. The garden as a whole holds 33 marble statues which offer representations of Ancient Greece; there is a statue dedicated to philosopher Socrates, a majestic depiction of the goddess Flora, and a white marble fountain with either Poseidon or Neptune lying on a large fish.

The garden is home to many unique species of plants, has a large rose garden and a beautiful circular area of benches shaded by a plethora of orange trees. A long pérgola (trellis) adorned with fuschia bougainvillaea vines stretches down the left wall of the garden, offering a perfect photo opportunity for many visitors. Amongst the wooded area of the garden, there is an artificial hill which was built to house a large water tank. Now turned into a viewpoint, it is the perfect spot to climb and look out over the garden.

In 1970 the garden became municipal property, opening to the public in 1973 and resulting in a beautiful haven of tranquillity for Valencian inhabitants and visitors. The garden is free to visit and is open 10am until 8pm.

Report by Polly Watton 

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’  

Photos copyright Polly Watton / ’24/7 Valencia’


Jardí de Montfort

Plaza de la Legión Española, s/n

46010 València

Valencia, Spain

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