When someone makes the remark ‘Valencia beach’, Playa Malvarrosa is probably the main one that springs to mind. Upon my arrival in Valencia, I spent a lot of time frequenting this long strip of beach before deciding to explore other beaches and ports within the province of Valencia. Read on further if you want to hear about what each one has to offer, from more secluded spots to bustling seafront spaces.


Malvarrosa Beach / Las Arenas Beach 

Malvarrosa Beach is named after the pink “Malvarrosa” flowers that frequent the area around this busy long strip. Considered by many to be the main beach of Valencia, its bustling promenade area is also home to many renowned restaurants such as ‘Boa Beach’ and ‘La Pepica’. Both are located on Passeig de Neptu. Las Arenas beach is the southern end of Malvarrosa Beach, connecting it to the marina. The two are right next door to each other and therefore are pretty much identical. You may have heard of Marina Beach Club, located (as the name implies) just across from Las Arenas as you head towards the marina. Home to a swimming pool, loungers and offering a scenic view of the beach, the Beach Club offers an ideal alternative to those who fancy a more sophisticated day of relaxing. For nightlife lovers, it also doubles up as a big DJ stage in the evenings. Both beaches can get quite busy in the run up to summer. If you’re craving some more idyllic waters, chances are you’re better off elsewhere.


El Saler Beach

A twenty-minute bus ride away from the Jardines del Turia and en route to Albufera, El Saler provides a more relaxing experience for those who crave it. Although I have had friends who have claimed it is ‘in the middle of nowhere’, it is in fact a ten-minute walk away from the small village of El Saler. El Saler is said to be the original home of paella, so it may be worth giving it a try here. Additionally, ‘Mikkonos Beach Club’ and ‘Dehesa Jose Luis’ are located pretty much on the beach. It may be wise, however, to come equipped with cash and water beforehand. Expect whiter sands and clearer waters, although it has also been getting a bit busier in the lead up to summer.


Port Saplaya

This pretty port is home to an array of pastel-coloured holiday houses and restaurants featuring ten-euro menus of the day. There is a bus (L1121) that goes every hour near Jardins de Real or Viveros Gardens, taking just twenty minutes. Port Saplaya gives serious holiday vibes, a little strip with a long beach that is separated by the port. The port itself takes some time to walk around, but you won’t be disappointed by the colourful aesthetics.


Patacona Beach 

Located just north of Malvarrosa, Patacona Beach was recommended to me from the first day by locals and people who knew Valencia well. Located slightly away from the main crowds, Patacona is a good option for those who don’t want to stray too far from the centre of Valencia, but who may be craving more seclusion. There are a handful of venues and restaurants also located on this side of the beach – ‘La Casa de la Mar’ is a live music spot offering burgers and drinks, in its recent collaboration with the ‘Black Turtle’ restaurant chain. ‘La Mas Bonita’ is a famed brunch spot, offering an assortment of sweet treats and smoothies. Patacona Beach is also next to the town of Alboraya if you fancy a bit of exploring.


Garrofera Beach  

Further south from El Saler, headed more towards Albufera, is Garrofera Beach. With the sea on one side, and Albufera lake on the other, Garrofera is a must for nature lovers. It might take you a tiny bit longer to get here, but it’ll be well worth it in the end. You can get the bus and then walk, but it is easiest accessed by car. There aren’t many facilities here either so, again, come prepared.



Report by Anusha Vasudeva

Article copyright ’24/7 Valencia’


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