If you’re looking for a guide to vintage shopping in Valencia…we have the perfectly curated list for your shopping trip through the historic centre, which is an area steeped in history and charm. Second-hand clothing is not only a trend in terms of fashion but also a lifestyle of choosing a more environmentally conscious path. And so whether you want carefully hand-picked vintage garments, antique crockery, or an array of iconic classic brands…we have it all here. Getting lost in the historic centre is a perfect place to start; it is a beautiful setting to find an authentic treasure. Often tucked away in the corners of the city, these shops have an abundance of vintage and sustainable pieces. They are inviting emporiums for us to explore, which arouses our curiosity too. The famous historic centre of Valencia has a fair number of charming spots that are worth a visit. Here are just a few…

Santo Spirito Vintage: Santo Spirito Vintage has a vast collection of unique garments, it’s a store with personality, that’s for sure. Here you can find an array of vintage sweatshirts and t-shirts from multiple brands. They also have original items like stencils, vintage American flags, or army backpacks. You can shop their vintage collection in store and online. Located at C/ de Dalt, 22, 46003 València.

Soho del Carmen: Soho del Carmen is a space where you can be immersed in vintage fashion, second-hand clothes, accessories and antiques in the heart of Valencia. All kinds of vintage products at very affordable prices. It is a place to be creative and imaginative with your looks and decorate your home with unique pieces. Located at Carrer dels Drets, 33, 46001 València.

Paralelo Renew Vintage: This attractive little store, houses a great selection of garments. Vintage galore with an array of denim, sweatshirts, even biker-style jackets and some trainers from brands like Vans and Converse. Here you will find all the iconic classics styles and brands, make sure to explore their shelves, full of Burberry and Ralph Lauren shirts and polos. It might seem small, but this quaint store has a special and diverse collection of goods offering a dose of nostalgia. The store is located at C/ del Hospital, 14, Bajo, 46001 València.

Clot Vintage: Unlike many of the other stores Clot Vintage has an incredible collection of footwear. It is undoubtedly its best feature. You’ll find Dr. Martens military boots, Converse and Vans trainers, all in very good condition and at affordable prices. There are collections of sweatshirts and 80s-style jackets that seem brand new and which you can grab at competitive prices. Located at C/ de Quart, nº 2, bajo, 46001 València.

Koopera: The excitement of vintage is not always confined to these beautifully curated stores. Koopera is a  collection of charity shops here in Valencia with various outlets in the city and they often have some of the best garments at the best price. Located in various spots across the city including El Carmen: C/ dels Serrans, 29, 46003 València.

Immerse yourselves in the streets of Valencia in a unique way; communicate a fresh identity with your fashion finds. The search for unique and special items can occur on quite a few corners of the old town. Valencia’s shopping experience can be bold and explored, to discover new styles, and to express individuality through sustainable fashion. Explore the city whilst on the hunt for the most unique pieces and experience European fashion in a Mediterranean city par excellence too.

Report by Alice Teasdale

Article copyright ‘24/7 Valencia’

Photo: ‘Santo Spirito Vintage’ (Valencia, Spain) 


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