Vintage stores have been popular since the 60s and are great locations to find affordable, quality branded items. However, in recent years, the vintage clothing industry is booming more than ever. People are becoming increasingly aware of the impact the fast fashion industry has on the planet. It is currently among the top 3 biggest polluting industries in the world. As second-hand items have less of an impact on the environment, individuals are taking preference over them. Online shopping platforms like ‘Depop’ and ‘Vinted’ have become a millennial trend, allowing people to easily buy and sell their used clothes. However, what these apps lack is the inability to see, feel and try on the items you buy: which is incredibly risky as individuals can rarely return these items!

Visiting a vintage store is a great way to overcome these drawbacks, and Valencia is a hidden gem for finding the affordable, stylish, and unique second-hand clothing. From low-priced flea markets to trendy vintage stores, Valencia has so much to offer. In particular, Ruzafa is a hub for eccentric Vintage stores… all of which have their different peculiarities. After visiting the most highly rated second-hand stores in the neighbourhood, I created a guide of what you can find in each store.

Before I begin, here are my top 3 tips for Vintage Shopping in Ruzafa

  1. Go at the right times. If you’re not from Spain, you might not be used to their daily routine, and most importantly ‘la siesta’. Many shops in Ruzafa are open from around 11h-14h and 17h-21h, leaving a long break during lunchtime to rest. If you plan to go in the early afternoon, you will likely be disappointed that most stores are closed.
  2. If you can, go during the week. I have been shopping in Ruzafa at the weekend, and it is very busy – you might end up fighting a stranger over your favourite unique find! During the week, you’re more likely to have the shops to yourself allowing you to take your time and rummage through the quality items.
  3. Don’t just shop! There are so many trendy and tasty cafés and bars in Ruzafa to try out. Shopping can be exhausting, so after a long day of exploring the shops, you should treat yourself to some tapas or a drink.

Trinity Vintage

Trinity Vintage has an excellent selection of rare finds with statement handmade jewellery, cowboy boots and jackets from leather to denim. I had the chance to speak with the shop owner who explained that the jewellery is often made by students in Valencia who collaborate with Trinity Vintage. If you are successful in finding a perfect piece, you’ll receive one of their paper bags designed with their own creative prints. Oftentimes, when someone comes in with a trendy pattern on their trousers or jacket, the shop owner asks whether he can print that design on their bags!

Trinity Vintage. C/ de Cuba, 22, 46006, Valencia


Kamille Vintage

Here, you will find more than just stylish vintage clothing; Kamille Vintage has creative and colourful textile materials such as yarn and threads. Whether you have textile talent or not, you’ll most likely spot a gem here. With super friendly staff, cool clothing, and a very cute fluffy dog who wanders around the shop, it is a must-visit store!

Kamille Vintage. C/ de Puerto Rico, 15, Bajo derecha, 46006, Valencia


Madam Mim

Located down the same street as Kamille Vintage is Madam Mim. You will certainly have an enchanting experience as you explore the dimly lit store with mysterious music playing on repeat. Here, you’ll find unique and quality items with fair prices. As you rummage through their artistic collection, you will undoubtably find something to complement your personal style and stand out against the crowd. Also, if you don’t fancy shopping for clothes, you will find a table full of authentic objects from the 20th century right opposite the till. Rest assured, when you visit Madam Mim, you will leave the store feeling like you have just visited the past.

Madam Mim C/ de Puerto Rico, 20, 46006, Valencia



Denim heaven is how I would describe Vintaker. The racks are packed with an exquisite range of denim shirts, jackets, and jeans. If you shop by colour, you will love this place! They also have leather jackets, flannels, shirts, and jumpers all neatly organised into a favourable colour scheme. If you’re really a fan of this store, you can buy their trendy jumpers and T-Shirts which are embroidered with the Vintager logo.

Vintaker. C/ de Sueca, 36, 46006, Valencia


Aieclé Vintage

More denim, leather and cosy jumpers can be found in this naturally lit and spacious store. With their eclectic selection of accessories, shirts, skirts, and trousers, you will find everything 90s and colourful in this store. If you want your style to stand out from the crowd, you can look through their embroidered denim jackets with aesthetic and artistic designs.

Aieclé Vintage. C/ del Doctor Serrano, 21, 46004


Flamingos Vintage Kilo

The clue is in the name; items are priced per kilo! This well organised store has a collection of T-Shirts, skirts, jackets, and shoes. To get a better idea of their prices, I asked the (very friendly) shopkeeper for advice. She told me that on average, jeans would cost €12/13, T-Shirts €5 and jackets €20/25. There are two of these stores located in Valencia.

Flamingos Vintage Kilo. C/ de Cadis, 17, 46006, Valencia



Is it a shop or a tattoo parlour? It’s both! This store adventurously combines trendy tattoos and stylish shopping. You can search for your favourite pair of Levi’s whilst you decide on your next tattoo. The store is smaller than others in Ruzafa, so it is easy to rummage through your favourite clothing rack.

Reusado. C/ de Dénia, 12, 46006, Valencia


Pop 65 Vintage

If you like wearing vintage clothing, why not decorate your house with collections from the same era? Old ornaments, atypical antiques, lovely lamps, and other curious things, this is a perfect spot to give your home a personality of its own.

Pop 65 Vintage. Gran Via de les Germanies, 41, bajo, 46006, Valencia

With this comprehensive guide to vintage shopping in Ruzafa, I hope you are now well prepared and less overwhelmed with choice. Check-out our YouTube video to watch a short film for more information on vintage shopping in Ruzafa!


Report by Sabina Redfern

Article Copyright 24/7 Valencia

Photo ‘Vintaker’

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