‘Colla Monlleó’ Ceramics shop in the centre of Valencia

The beautiful pottery shop ‘Colla Monlleó’ is located in the Plaza Redonda and offers a wide variety of ceramic pieces. You can find pieces that are handmade and painted in Valencia, ranging from magnets in the shape of the emblematic Valencian bat, to beautifully designed teapots and teacups, and even ornament figures depicting the Semana Santa men in their Easter costumes.

This is a family-run business, and the shop has been open since 1860, offering antique glassware, a wide range of charming tile with unique painted designs, along with plates, ornate mirrors, goblets, vases, pots to hold salt, sugar, pasta, oil, and even more!

‘Colla Monlleó’ is a brilliant shop that you have to check out with such a wide variety of ceramics pieces, perfect for a souvenir, or a beautiful piece to decorate your home with!

Report by Jenny Grierson 

Article Copyright 24/7 Valencia 

Photo copyright Polly Watton/ ’24/7 Valencia’


Colla Monlleó

Plaça Redonda, 13




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