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    LA CASA DE LA MAR (Music, gastronomy and beer)

    24/7 VALENCIA: What is ‘La Casa de la Mar’? LA CASA DE LA MAR: Our house holds everything that feeds the spirit. An open space just a step away from ‘Patacona’ Beach where a beer tasting, a game of table football and an acoustic concert can happen at the same time. We can’t deny it, […]

  • Art
    Mar Arza: ‘In Spite / In Short / In Darkness’ (IVAM)

    When conjuring up images of the female body, our shared imagination has historically gravitated towards maternity and fertility. However, most of these ancestral forms, that have canonised the female body in this way, have been created through a male gaze. This is what Mar Arza attempts to dismantle through her recently opened exhibition, ‘A pesar […]

  • Music
    ‘Mar i Jazz’ Festival in Valencia in June!

    The Music Festival returns to Cabanyal this June  2022! The ‘Mar i  Jazz’ Festival will be back in the seaside neighbourhood of Cabanyal in Valencia on  June 10, 11, and 12 in Parque Dr. Lluch where the stage will be set up. The festival is due to provide the audience with the best quality jazz, […]

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    The Mar i jazz festival is “dressing up” the walls of Dr. Lluch park thanks to local artists and illustrators. The Cabanyal Park will be the setting for the jazz festival to be held from 10 to 12 June. The initiative once again enjoys the collaboration of Cervezas Alhambra, which continues to support live music […]

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